6 Most Expensive Mobile Apps in the World

The best things in life…aren’t things. Yet in the tech world, the reality is slightly different. Let’s be honest, we are always looking for a free app whether it’s on iTunes or Google Play and we are a bit confused when it comes to spending a few dollars on a game or an advanced notepad.

In this post, we are going to talk up-close about luxurious things, and we’ll try to satisfy your curiosity with the review of the most outrageously pricey apps in the world.


We also hope this list will bring you some motivation from the challenge of tackling something that’s both informative and impractical at the same time. Since there’s no keeping you off the tech blog, you might as well start finding your own way to creating a profitable app by checking some of our other posts on mobile apps development. 

As you climb over to Numero Uno, let me begin with more affordable yet still very expensive mobile applications:


SafeSession Voice Encryption

Price – $299

Developer – Sonley Alliance

Type – Security; B2B

For those who like James Bond and The Bourne Ultimatum.

Enables voice encryption on all your phones and should protect you from all kinds of pranks or tech intruders. The company ensures us that everyone should mind their own business: “A highly qualified team and a rather complex software design are behind this application. So, the first reason for such pricing was to show that we are serious about our product. On the other hand, this application offers a rather unique opportunity to improve personal and business privacy”. Available on iTunes.[/one_half]




Price: $999.99

Developer: LogMeln, Inc.

Type: Functionality; B2B

For those who are using their computers remotely. Whether you are printing tickets or finalizing your report, with this app it is possible to sync with both your iPhone and iPad. LogMeln software makes it possible to transfer all data and it gives you access to your printer and devices via remote control. Available on iTunes.[/one_half]



BarMax Bar Exam

Price: $999.99

Developer: TestMax, Inc

Type: Education, B2C

Lawyers! Skip the library and start doing your own academic work without digging into heavy books. Everything you need to know is in one place. Q&A mode allows to test yourself easily, and MPRE standards will give you better self-discipline. It will help you to become a legit Lawyer. Simulated exam mode included. Available on iTunes.[/one_half]




Price – $999.99

Developer – Visiomatic

Type – Finance; B2B

Stylish and handy cashier system on the go. The app is great for restaurants, all kinds of pubs or food trucks to set up better and quicker cashing service. It’s definitely a fancy way to upgrade your business. Available on iTunes.[/one_half]



Cyber Tuner

Price – $999.99

Developer – Reyburn Piano Service

Type – Music; B2B

Musicians, stay tuned! Piano technicians tool that helps to tune your instrument with absolute accuracy. Great design and ease of use make this app very popular among professionals in the music industry. As a matter of fact, I have a friend, who successfully uses it for all his piano gigs. Available on iTunes.[/one_half]



VIP Black>

Price – $999.99

Developer – iVIP Ltd

Type – booking and concierge

A prestigious way to explore the best hotel spots in the world. Members have unlocked access to the most luxurious lifestyle for staying, flying or simply reserving a table at the high-end spot.

Upon download, prospective VIP Black members will be required to certify they are High Net Worth Individuals with assets and/or income in excess of $1 million. Available on iTunes.[/one_half]  vip black

That said, we are looking forward to seeing more apps that are not only beautifully designed but also productive and useful in 2016.

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