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  • The Amazon of Development

    Businesses have a wide range of needs. Every stage of the organizational life cycle includes obstacles requiring customized solutions. This includes marketing, sales, SaaS, consulting, human resources, and more. Many companies are currently advertising a range of approaches, , but it can be complicated to find a  vendor who can apply a holistic approach and identify solutions for your business from all angles. Our experience allows us to offer a 360-degree approach as a trusted one-stop digital provider. Need a solution? Call Lezgro! 

  • Be accessible in digital world to everyone, everywhere, for anything.

    Our mission is to create a community where you can find appropriate solutions at affordable prices and quality services for your business!

  • Try Our New Approach

    Our expertise and focus are expanding with our internal growth. Now we are able to provide you with advanced services in marketing & automation, ERP/CRM development & implementation, Zoho, design, MVP, and web development.  Stay tuned for our latest updates! 


    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Kovi says, “…There is only one way to deal in this world, and that is to find beneficial conditions for both sides”. At Letzgro, we drive a culture that creates value and lucrative opportunities for our customers. 

Our Experience

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Right from its foundation in 2012, Letzgro was designed to service clients all around the world. Our innovative corporate culture and processes were implemented to comply with requirements that Fortune 500 companies, SMBs and most innovative technological high-growth companies have.

Meet people who are working for your success!


Ian Arden

Founder and CEO

The Letzgro team is led by Ian Arden, who has been in the technology space since 2003. Dozens of technology companies have benefited from his advisory and execution. “We have been accelerating technology teams and corporate capacity, from ground zero to technical teams with dozens of members. Now, I’d like to leverage my experience and connectedness for your success!“


Terry Svityk

Head of business development

“Constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.” - Elon Musk. These words drive me during workdays. Since I have been working in IT, I see that the future depends upon technology.If you're not digital yet, you may lose your future. There are thousands of ways to improve your business and conquer obstacles, but it can be quite complicated to find the right one for your situation. That's what we're doing at Letzgro. With advanced techniques, we provide the best digital solutions in the industry for your ideas. Need a digital solution for your business? Try Letzgro!

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