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We help you develop different types of applications custom, mobile, enterprise, on a cloud, etc.

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  • Launch your product with MVP!

    Maximize learning by minimizing experimentation time

    Many startups forget what MVP really stands for. Our mission is to create and deliver a valuable product for quick testing to validate your idea.
    We recommend starting MVP development by initially adding only the functions essential for the project. Functionality should be added during the testing process as user feedback comes in. In this way, products can be created and validated by early users. Further product development based on user feedback will ensure that components being added match what users want or expect of the product.
    Options for consideration: MVP design, clickable prototype (front end only), MVP.

  • Release all the capabilities of your app with progressive OS development.

    Get valuable advice for implementation and launch your dream product

    In the era of smartphones, people can’t imagine life without their little friend. Smartphones give you instant access to communities, friends, and the world. Web pages and applications are the main features of today’s business. To get closer to your customer, you must have these features. Every day, expectations of the apps we’re using grows. Better and more attractive design, a range of options, higher quality, faster interaction, customization…you name it. To win, you should be able to provide your customers with all of this and more.

    As a team, we’re interested in your success. To help you achieve your goals, we apply a customized app-development approach to make your product stand out from all the others. Launch your product with us and get recognized!

  • The right people in the right place.

    Want to lead a team? Have an idea, but struggling with implementation?

    Get a dedicated team for your business. We have developed our own onboarding and hiring strategies to offer smooth, efficient integration to external companies. We provide general tips and advice on how to work with and motivate people, cultural differences, and common pitfalls to ensure safe workflow!
    Options for consideration: member experience (senior, middle, junior), length, number of team members, technology stack.

  • An easy to-go solution for your idea!

    Get a ready product in weeks instead of months for mobile, tablet, and desktop!

    Some ideas can be developed around an existing core with additional elements. Zoho provides a complex application builder that can cover your basic needs. Extremely suitable for internal usage. If you want to develop applications for personal needs or a group of similar companies, this is the right solution for you. It’s also a great option for public applications. Zoho has a lower customization rate than application developed separately.

    You’ll get advanced workflow optimization with custom coding. Our team of experts is aware of all possibilities for execution, and will suggest the best options for you.

iOS/Android Development
  • Full responsiveness
  • Smooth, high performance
  • Flexible development process
  • Expensive native development
  • Multiple options for MVP
  • Lean model
  • Fast market validation
  • Limited functionality
  • Not as attractive as “final version”
  • Cross-platform solution
  • Fast & furious implementation
  • Integrations with internal apps and automation capabilities
  • Limited design, features, customization, and flexibility
  • Paid subscription
In-house team acquiring
  • Part of your team!
  • Full dedication to your company and contribution to major goals
Full management responsibility

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