R&D Center in Ukraine

A-Z support for your development center launch

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  • Your R&D Center in Ukraine

    We are your brilliant partner! You can safely rely on us for strategic planning with our R&D office in Ukraine. With Lezgro, you can easily resolve any issue related to web and mobile development, video streaming solutions, and machine learning.

    From the first step to our operations development center in Ukraine, you will be fully confident in our competence.

  • Staff augmentation

    Find the right talent for your product. We how hard it is to find the right person to perfectly reinforce your current team and become a really good, loyal team member. At Letzgro, we have been working since 2014 to build state-of-art solutions for improving HR processes. This gives us the opportunity over the short term to find candidates who meet all of our criteria and are ready for efficient long-term cooperation with your company.

  • Dedicated Software Development Team

    The perfect backup for your company. Finding the right talent is a complicated thing. Sometimes, you might not have sufficient capacity to manage your own team or your local hires. They can be expensive, and you need to scale your workload quickly. In this case, your own dedicated team is the right choice. 

Optimize your budget and access technology masters with an offshore development team in Ukraine!

  • Acceleration Services

    We offer you short- and mid-term spikes in effort for technical development, marketing, and sales by plugging in our in-house and external teams. Our business model helps you receive quick involvement with specialists to achieve major goals.


Steps to Opening the R&D Office in Ukraine

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    Due Diligence

    First, we understand your current needs, plans, and budget; then we perform a market analysis and provide your final report with all appropriate recommendations.
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    The magic process of implementing all requirements, including office space, hiring, legal, HR workflow setup, you name it!
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    Sharpen the edges to kick off your long-term development.
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    Welcome party at new office space; team-building.

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