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Selected iOS Portfolio by LEZGRO

Letzgro develops mobile applications for the iPhone and iPad of highest complexity and purpose, gaining unique positions and successfully competing with recognizable apps out of Silicon Valley.


iPhone Applications

At the forefront of iPhone development with many successful projects and satisfied customers, Letzgro is all about quality.

Apple Watch / WatchKit

Our iOS developers have everything ready to start development for the latest Apple Watch.

iPad Applications Development

Letzgro has the capacity and expertise to develop projects of any complexity for the iPad with vast iOS development experience and a dedicated team of developers.You can read more about Personal Finance apps development for iOS or You can be sure our developer team will handle your project quickly, with confidence and the know-how to deliver nothing but the best results. For more information on our completed iOS projects, please visit our Portfolio

Media applications

Utilizing advanced technologies we were able to develop apps for organizing, displaying and experiencing multimedia in a harmonious, simple, functional and ergonomic way for both the iPhone and the iPad. Always putting users first in the equation we developed such apps as Convetit and MeWe. Check out our Portfolio for more.

Social Media iOS applications

We sport an exemplary array of iOS social media apps executed in the best traditions of user-friendly design and experience. Bring your community together and increase fidelity by implementing social media functionality and we’ll custom design an app that will bring you in-line with the latest trends and tendencies.
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Instant messaging applications

Make apps that create buzz! With our help you can enable fluid and organic conversation for your iOS app which will translate into a large pool of potential benefits. With features like:

  • Easily Sending/Receiving messages
  • Contact lists/management
  • Emotes and advanced media features

You can be sure an iPhone app developed by Letzgro will meet all of your expectations and easily compete with any currently available product in functionality.


Video streaming applications

Embrace the world of media and live streaming. Employ our technology to bring life to your media and give your users the power to interact with your service in the most advanced of ways, such as:

  • consumption of pre-existing video content;
  • upload of user-generated video content
  • real-time video communication development
  • asynchronous video communication between users.

Features like that implemented in your product are bound to bring much value and increase user-satisfaction ratios. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our end-products for iOS to see ways we tackled such projects in the past.


Applications with background mode

Adhering to Apple App Store’s strict standards our expert iOS team are aware of all the caveats and nuances for a successful launch and can deliver applications which can freely work in background mode on iPhone and iPad, a feature essential for many advanced programs and ideas. During the quoting process we will analyze your product idea and provide suggestions on how to best utilize and implement it, avoiding potential blocks and any complications during development.

Adjusting applications to new screen resolutions

At Letzgro, we design applications with foresight and built to last. So we take special care to provide our customers with extensive support in adjusting them to any required resolutions and will also adapt resolutions to any future possible hardware screen size on demand.

Mobile applications development principles

There’s always a challenge of fitting a lot of features into a very limited surface of a viewport, and we like delivering great results each time. All that we develop passes through in-depth testing in order to ensure the best functionality, compatibility and appearance, as well as fitting all existing iPhone and iPad development standards.

See Letzgro’s iPhone App for Video Feedbacks

Letzgro completed a lot of iPhone applications including

  1. Client-Server Architecture Design
  2. Information Workflow Applications
  3. Game Apps development
  4. Augmented Reality Applications

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