Why We Use PHP

I was lucky to get a Computer Science Degree which makes me the CEO who can make code review and understand what’s happening there 🙂

I am old school guy. I love C++. I love it or being a compilable language, for its strict OOP principles (let’s not count friendly functions – the exceptions that only support the rule), and for its multithreading which is such a nice paradigm to employ. I even have a dream to port the yii framework into C++ and compile the code before every next release.


However Letzgro has chosen PHP to be the core technology for web development, (and we even called ourselves PHP Development Company before we turned to also be mobile development company) and here is why:

  1. PHP is a very common language, which means that you’ll find no problems scaling team with additional resources;
  2. OOP (although I don’t like how the OOP is limited in PHP);
  3. Thus, there is a lot of frameworks written in PHP which support MVC. Yiiframework is our choice and we strive to gain more and more experience particularly around it.

Some dark sides of PHP is:

  1. Low entry barrier – “I know PHP” does not automatically equal to “I am programming guru”, unlike assembler, lisp or scala.
  2. PHP is usually not a compilable language, so it renders slower than a machine code or java code (there are techniques though which help improve performance through various styles of caching).

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One thought on “Why We Use PHP

  1. This is an excellent tutorial, kudos to you for putting it all together. I’ve been against what I call CMS style site where optimization is ignored for the sake of easy programming. I’ve always clustered frameworks in with CMS like programming. I run a few heavy traffic sites and am hesitant to use anything that will slow down the sites or require more hardware to run. however I’m being pushed hard to open my horizons and am being called an idiot for not using a framework. I see a lot of advantages but my number 1 goal is efficiency. running the crud creation code I see that to view the employees it runs 4 queries,SHOW COLUMNS FROM `Employee` SHOW CREATE TABLE `Employee` SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `Employee` `t` SELECT * FROM `Employee` `t` LIMIT 10Is this how all the generated stuff is? This is really bad and it most likely teaches people some pretty horrendous coding practice. I’m trying hard to embrace frameworks, but this type of thing scares me, anyone have any thoughts on this?

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