Why Letzgro Loves Working With Startups

Letzgro LOVES STARTUPSAt Letzgro, we love serving our web and marketing enterprise clients, but we also love working and collaborating with startups and entrepreneurs. We take pride in working with startup clients, although other competitor agencies might shy away from them. A popular blog post from Dawn Kawamoto, an associate editor at Dice, says that there are a lot of reasons not to work for/with startups: uncertainty about the future, less access to capital, and sometimes clashing personalities.

We agree that the startup life is not for everyone, but Letzgro thrives on entrepreneurial energy. The unique passion and drive that comes naturally to startups and entrepreneurs is infectious, and we find the quality of our work improves considerably when we add that dynamic to a project.

What’s so special about startups?

Successful startups identify a market or consumer need and endeavor to fulfill that gap in an innovative way. They are out-of-the-box thinkers who often operate in a lean capacity to find a solution that works. When a startup approaches us with an idea, we see an opportunity to learn and collaborate on projects that will challenge us. Dave Bluhm, serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Medio, says:

“You get a multiple from people, or you get a mere fraction of people’s energy, depending on whether they are passionate about what they are doing… They must believe that the road they’re working on goes somewhere special, or they will drop their tools early and lose heart in building it.”


Letzgro partners with Cream.hr

One of our favourite experiences when working for a startup was when we partnered with Cream.hr to build an advanced candidate filtering tool that enables companies to make better hiring decisions while saving them time and money. When we began the project, they didn’t have funds readily available, but we developed a trust-based relationship due to their status as a startup at Communitech Accelerator – a Waterloo-based incubator. We developed their assessment tool in a scrum-style format, which meant a lot of collaboration between our team in the Ukraine and Cream.hr in Canada to help the product evolve within a short development cycle. It was an exciting and illuminating experience, which resulted in a product that we can all be proud of. Read our Cream.hr case study for more details on our experience.

Letzgro Engineering Incubator is a home for startups

Our love of startups has led us to start our own incubator. The Letzgro Engineering Incubator is a place to connect business development executives with technology experts for the perfect CEO-CTO partnership. We also provide early stage development services in exchange for equity. In the future, we hope to expand our incubator to include a more diverse array of startups from all over the globe, and hopefully, help the Ukraine thrive as a startup mecca. The startup world is where some of the greatest innovations are coming from, and we are excited to be a part of it.

Letzgro loves learning about startup ecosystems across the globe: Where in the world is your startup located? Sound off in the comment section below!

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