[Quiz] Where Will Watson Cognitive Cooking Take Us?

AI is not just for such serious reasons like discovering new ways for using drugs, enhancing the education, and boosting your business. You may already use AI for making every day better and more creative. IBM Watson is the best example of it. With Chef Watson cooking isn’t a routine task anymore. It’s an addictive activity that takes you on the amazing journey into the world of cognitive cooking. Let’s try it out together!

Revolutionary cooking is here!

To understand the Chef Watson better, let’s have a look at its major development milestones. In 2014, IBM created the Watson-powered food truck that demonstrated cognitive cooking to the world. Using interesting combinations of ingredients offered by Watson cooking system, experts from the Institute of Culinary Education developed several recipes. Then those recipes were rated by festival visitors.

Here are several reasons for checking out Watson Cooking app.

After the successful food truck experience, IBM provided users with the access to the app created in collaboration with Bon Appetit. A year after, Institute of Culinary Education and IBM published the first cognitive computing cookbook. Since 2015, thousands of people around the world have tried out using Chef Watson with Bon Appetit.

So now you understand what happens if you combine the knowledge of a complex analytic system and skills of professional chefs. The chefs from the ICE together with IBM researchers have spent three years on bringing cognitive cooking into life. You need one minute to read about how this cooking process works.

Secrets of IBM Cooking

Watson cooking system is more difficult that it seems to be. Computers analyze quintillions of data about chemistry, taste, food culture and history, recipes themselves, etc. Then these cooking computers evaluate different ingredients pairings, analyze how tasty and surprising this combination would be. The synergy of ingredients is one of the most important features for Chef Watson.

So how does this system work? Let’s have a look at both apps: the app for cooks and the more professional version Chef Watson. For making the first app developers have input more than 10,000 recipes, for Chef Watson – more than 30,000 recipes. They also used information about the molecular composition of different flavors, researches concerning the tastes people like most of all, etc. The system also analyzed hedonic psychophysics.

Here are several reasons for checking out Watson Cooking app.

You may still argue that this is the information professional chefs know. Of course, some of them have some knowledge in the previously mentioned fields. In opposition to Chef Watson, they even have skills and taste. Chefs can tell whether something is tasty or not. However, Watson cooking system can store gigabytes of technical information, describing chemical reactions people have when tasting a peculiar dish and the synergy between different ingredients. This is something chefs can’t do.

Reasons to use Watson recipes

You may say that nobody needs IBM Watson cooking when there are thousands of real chefs. However, you won’t be right. IBM cooking has many benefits. First of all, it provides restaurants with a bunch of exciting new recipes, saving time and product waste. Secondly, IBM recipes are useful for people that need to follow special diets. It’s also useful for everyone who wants to try out new technologies and take one’s cooking skills to the next level.

IBM cooking allows people boosting their creativity. If you aren’t a chef, you don’t have access to Chef Watson. However, you can use IBM Chef Watson with Bon Appetit. After inputting your preferences or ingredients you have, you get a list of dishes you may try out. You may also make the recipe more interesting by adding other ingredients, choosing a cuisine you like or a special style. Thus, based on several ingredients or other preferences you get a bunch of dishes to try out. Try to cook them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Here are several reasons for checking out Watson Cooking app.

Here are several reasons for checking out Watson Cooking app.

The future of Chef Watson

IBM recipes are going to be improved. Moreover, they are being improved even now when you reading this sentence. As you know, the ability to develop and learn from its experience is one of the features of intelligent AI. Chef Watson improves itself on the basis of feedbacks from users.

IBM provides possibilities for development in different spheres: healthcare, business, education, legal sphere, etc. It’s great that it is also working on enhancing some hobbies.The future of IBM recipes may feature more personalized accounts that will provide you with a bunch of ideas based on not only ingredients you want to try out, but also your health, eating habits, and dietary needs.

So what do you like most of all about Watson recipes? I like the idea of experimenting with ingredients, cooking some dishes I would have never thought about without Watson cooking. This type of using AI in real life simple and pleasant for people. If you want to read more articles about Watson cooking, share your thoughts, or just ask me a question, feel free to contact us. The future starts now.
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