What is included in the cost to develop a website?

Website development is a time-consuming process which requires special knowledge and experience. You should first select the tasks that the website should solve to determine the cost to develop a website. For example, the price of creating an online store will be much higher, than for the development of a small site with several pages in it. The functionality of the website will be formed due to its size. Functionality is a large part of the development. Development of functionality is the biggest part of the creation of the website.

Factors which affect the cost

Website development and maintenance cost vary depending on many factors. Studios will not offer you to create a website without the presence of management system (CMS) today. Administrator of the site can independently adjust and contribute content using the CMS. This system of management of websites is divided into paid and free versions.


Individual CMS is developed for special needs of the customer and it has a large influence on the cost of developing sites. But mostly the functionality of the free control systems is quite enough.

Business development costs largely depend on the scale of the site. Here everything starts from the purposes which the customer who decided to create his own Internet resource puts before himself. If the main goal of the website is informing users about the list of services and products, without the possibility to make additional steps through the website, the functionality of the conventional small website will be enough. You can also place brief information about the company, price lists and contact details on this website.

Instead, if you need a wider and more expensive resource where you want interaction from the user, e.g., purchases, filling out order forms, etc., it will require much more time and funds for its development.

So, depending on the scale web site, for the current year average cost to develop a website is:

  • The cost of the first website will roughly be:
  1. Domain name and hosting – $1,5-$72
  2. Simple design work – $578-$867
  3. Ongoing costs – $0-$14 per month

Overall cost – $578-$1130  

  • The small business website development costs:
  1. Domain name and hosting – $1,5-$144
  2. Design work – $867-$1,735
  3. Programming – $1300-$2,900
  4. Ongoing costs – $0-$44 per month

Overall cost – $1,445-$5,060

  • The cost of a medium-sized website will roughly be:
  1. Domain name and hosting with a database – $1,5-$433
  2. Design work – $1,156-$2,600
  3. Content creation (in-house or freelance) and its updating – $144-$1,445
  4. Programming – $1,445-$4,337
  5. Ongoing costs – $0-$86 per month

Overall cost – $2,600-$9,685

  • A large-sized professional website development costs:
  1. Domain name and hosting with database – $1,5-$433
  2. Design work – $1734-$4,337
  3. Content creation (in-house or freelance) and it updating – $144-$2,168
  4. Mobile Responsiveness – $289 – $2,891
  5. Programming – $1,445-$5,782
  6. Ongoing costs – $0-$86 per month

Overall cost – $3,614-$16,625

The cost of developing a web site also varies due to its visual component, or as it is also called design. Design cost is determined by the same principle. The cost will be significantly lower if you use an adapted template, and it will be higher if you want the design from the scratch. In addition, a special role in the formation of prices on the website plays the complexity of the layout. Additional costs are also needed for items such as java scripts, flash animation and other technologies for displaying interactive information.

A proper layout of your pages is the key to quality web design. Also, it affects the logical structure of the website and navigation routes. The navigation bar must be easily accessible, for this purpose, it is often duplicated at the top or at the bottom of the page. It should be simple and understandable and fit within the geometric and color design concept. A professionally made interface and easy navigation are crucial factors in attracting new visitors.

Services which are included in the cost of creating a site

A standard custom website development cost includes: design, photo gallery module, creating of sections of the web site, social media buttons on every page, admin control panel, and website menu. It is possible to obtain additional features: unique design, selling texts on pages, optimization, feedback forms, receipt of bids in the form of SMS to your mobile phone, integration with CRM systems, animation effects for the website, online chat to communicate with customers, fast-changing slider, setting up banner advertising and customizing contextual advertising. The period of the development of the Internet resource is about from 5 to 15 working days.

Corporate website development cost includes the following services:

  1. individual design project;
  2. development of a logo in the style of the web site;
  3. simple admin interface;
  4. processing menu item;
  5. portfolio of the company;
  6. setting up a dynamic slider;
  7. a button “share with friends” and “I like”;
  8. development of corporate identity;
  9. unlimited number of admin users;
  10. full SEO optimization of the website for search engines;
  11. calculator services specifically for the niche;
  12. customized contextual and banner advertisement;
  13. blog creation and maintenance of company news.
  14. website promotion in search engines.

Features affecting mobile website development cost:

  1. the optimal size of the interface elements which ensure the usability with small screen resolutions;
  2. mobile websites load faster, unlike the fully analogue, even in a network with bad signal quality;
  3. simplifying the code for the web pages, which does not require a high device performance.

Blog/news site includes the following services:

  1. unique design, drawn from scratch;
  2. creating topic categories of the blog;
  3. social media buttons: “like” and “share with friends”;
  4. displaying menu items;
  5. module reviews;
  6. intuitive and user-friendly admin panel;
  7. SEO optimization for search engines;
  8. structured search engines data for the articles;
  9. limited powers of other authors;
  10. data markup;
  11. ability to send articles on accelerated indexing;
  12. the possibility of registration of users/ authors;
  13. automatic plugin linking in articles.

The cost of developing an online store includes the following services:

  1. unique design;
  2. integration with 1C system;
  3. Analytics connection;
  4. integration with CRM systems;
  5. ability to do orders in a single click;
  6. ability to bulk upload products;
  7. payment by Visa/ Master Card;
  8. full optimization for the search engines;
  9. setting up contextual advertising;
  10. authorization through social networks;
  11. SMS notifications about the order for the user.
  12. Why should not you order a cheap website?


You can find ads about the fast and inexpensive design of the website at every step. However, you need to understand that a product of questionable production will not be of a high quality. You should not save money in the IT field.It may affect the profitability of the business.

Be ready for such problems when ordering cheap website:

  • Template design. The minimum budget does not allow to count on the fundamental design. Savings on the development of the web site will lead to the use of ordinary free design template pages. The search engines do not commend the millions of sites that use the same template.
  • Technical support. Unprofessional website development is performed by using special robotic programs. Therefore, the contractor will fail to provide adequate support if you encounter any glitches or problems with the Internet resource, as he has no idea about the internal components of the site.
  • Template CMS such as WordPress and Joomla are used in a rather cheap website development. At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing wrong with an intuitive interface, everything is clear and logical. But free CMS is able to provide only basic functionality with the possibility of adding articles, editing, commenting and posting the feedback form. You can find free online stores with basic features for adding and managing products. Their functionality ends on this in most cases. Cheap web development of the site takes place without considering the peculiarities of the competitive niche of the business. As a result, there is no possibility to add different interactive functions: forms, chat, plugins, etc. You will have to pay for completion of a standard set of functions.
  • Optimized content plays an important role in improving the conversion and promoting of any web site. Only high-quality content will attract your target users. Therefore, special attention should be given to the text content. You will not receive marketing texts at the order of the cheap website. In the best case, it will be unreadable articles with keywords.
  • This is a very important component of a successful web site. It is better to have your own domain name. Companies that offer a free domain often lie. For example, it may be free only for a year, and after this service will cost several times more expensive. The cost for the purchase of the web site will be extremely high. In addition, free hosting provides certain memory limits, restrictions on traffic and low server speed.
  • To see your website at the top of search engines you need proper promotion. Non-unique code and text and graphics copied from other resources are recognized by search engines as spam. The cheap web site will never have a big traffic from the search results, and will occupy only the lowest positions. Search engines can also exclude such sites from search results.

Every website should provide its visitors with good content, proposal to buy the goods or use the services of the company. Amateur developers will not be able to provide it.

Where to find help in developing sites, especially if you need it quickly?

Letzgro will create a quality website at affordable prices for you. We offer professional teamwork on a project, where everyone performs the tasks within their competence. Our company is very attentive to all the wishes of  our customers. The well-designed resource will bring your business the inflow of new clients and partners and will increase the potential profit. You can contact us by visiting our site: http://letzgro.net/contacts/.

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