[Quiz] What Are the Main Benefits of Artificial Intelligence?

Though artificial intelligence is still in the early development stages, it can already reach the goal is has been created for – make our life easier. There are many benefits of artificial intelligence humans will like. I’ve chosen several areas and found great examples of using AI for making this world a better place. Have a look at them. You may get inspired and come up with your own ideas of using AI.

How does AI help in medicine?

Every day brings new possibilities, technologies, and ideas. However, it also brings new viruses, illnesses, and bacteria. They become more powerful and resistant to antimicrobials. Thus, doctors face more and more weird illnesses that should be treated quickly and effectively. If AI is used in so many spheres, they should be finally used for improving our health. And they are! Here are some of the most successful examples.

Modernizing Medicine, a web-based repository of medical info, contains data from almost 4,000 providers, 14 million patient visits, and provided treatments. It is used by doctors for accelerating the diagnosis making and consequently, hastening the time when a patient gets cured.

Another great example of benefits artificial intelligence has for people is this cute robot seal Paro. Paro is used at hospitals and extended care facilities. As real animals can’t be used there, robot baby seals are a great substitute.

Paro and Ollie are the cutest examples of what benefits artificial intelligence brings into our life.

Paro can detect the environment, remember interactions, learn how to react on the basis of its experience, etc. This robot won’t save someone’s life but it will definitely be an effective animal-assisted therapy. Another robot used for such purposes is Ollie, a baby-sized robot otter. It helps people suffering from cancer and depression. After petting Ollie, a person doesn’t feel lonely and sad anymore. That has a great effect on the general health condition.

The main benefits of using artificial intelligence in medicine include possibilities to avoid monotonous tasks, eliminate human errors, decrease medical costs, overcome mobility challenges, offer superior visualization, and provide comfort. Looking forward to getting even more benefits.

Is AI helpful in education?

There are great benefits of artificial intelligence in society in general, in business, healthcare. Education isn’t left behind either. As in other spheres, in education AI can automate some basic activities and give people more time for doing less tedious work. For example, AI can grade homework and tests. There are already some examples of using AI for grading essays. Though, machines don’t do that correctly all the time.

Benefits of artificial intelligence in education include grading essays by machines.

One of the main benefits of using artificial intelligence in education is the possibility to improve learning and teaching practices on the basis of the mass of data, resources, results, etc. According to researchers, artificial intelligence assistants will be helpful not only for teachers and pupils. They will also assist parents in choosing the right strategies for communicating with their kids.

Similar to the work of IBM Watson, other types of AI software may analyze information, pay attention to evidence, and provide users with feedbacks. Personalized craft courses can facilitate the progress and help students get awesome results easier. Just imagine that you don’t have to choose between subjects you like, subjects you are interested in, and subjects that will allow you getting the job your parents want you to have. When a computer can analyze your progress and areas where you succeed, you’ll easily choose a major in college. That looks like a reform in education that will have benefits for everyone.

How to use AI in business?

There are many awesome examples in business I’ve already been writing about like Aerosolve by Airbnb and Amazon Machine Learning. You can read more about these technologies and their benefits in this post.

Another great example of using artificial intelligence in business is the company Atomwise. Having raised more than $6 million, the company is concerned with finding out new uses of existing drugs. Using special advanced learning algorithms and analyzing millions of medicine every day, Atomwise’s AI transforms the industry and speed ups discovery of drugs that will cure people with leukemia, Ebola, malaria, etc. This is a great benefit for the whole humankind.

Atomwise is an example of powerful benefits of artificial intelligence.

If you often communicate with foreign partners, you may have encountered the language issue. With a help of Google, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on interpreters and translators. Google Translate API saves your time translating a lot of text dynamically.

Another example worth mentioning is the facial recognition. Such giants as Facebook, Microsoft, and Nest has created tools for recognizing faces. Of course, this technology isn’t ideal, though it already advanced. While thousands of people were making fun of results that weren’t always successful, millions of them also enjoyed trying out How-Old.net and Fetch.

There are many benefits of artificial intelligence to use.

There are already some great results in this field. A machine can identify a certain person in the photos and then recognize this very person in another photo. This technology may be wildly used by big companies and SMEs for security and similar issues. There are many benefits of using artificial intelligence in business. Though AI still faces many problems in development, it can already be used in different areas under the control of humans.

There are many benefits of artificial intelligence to use.

I’m always happy to share the latest news in AI sphere with you. So stay tuned! If you’ve got any questions concerning AI, want to tell someone your ideas or read about other benefits of using artificial intelligence in business, contact us.
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