“We are not Affected by the Situation…” – Ihor Pidruchny for CIO, Amazon Web Services eyes the desktop next, 10 Best Practices for Cloud Implementation

IT Service Providers in Ukraine Deliver Despite Political Tensions

While satellite photographs show Russian military fighter jets and tanks ready to deploy on its border with Ukraine, Ukrainian IT service providers say their outsourcing work has been uninterrupted by the political situation in the region. It’s been business as usual, says Ihor Pidruchny, CEO of Letzgro Software Development. “Despite the threat, we are not affected by the situation other than now employees talk more about what they think of Putin versus what they think about the latest movie,” Pidruchny says. “It is all stable.” Founded in 2003 when Pidruchny was a student, Letzgro has development centers in the western cities of Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv. Should the conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalate, Pidruchny says, Letzgro will experience the least impact due to its location. Read more…


Amazon Web Services eyes the desktop next

According to Wikipedia, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is “a collection of remote computing services that together make up a cloud computing platform, offered over the internet” which in the simplest of terms is exactly what it is. However, another way to describe AWS is as one of the fastest growing parts of one of the fastest growing businesses around. Formed just eight years ago in 2006, AWS began as 24 separate entities – divisions or product-specific working groups. Read more…

10 Best Practices for Cloud Implementation

Today’s cloud environment is expanding and changing at a breakneck pace. It’s very difficult to keep up with, yet it’s more important than ever that companies do keep up with what is happening in cloud computing because that’s where the future lies. As cloud providers continue to specialize, the majority of businesses have begun to migrate to the cloud either partially or in full. Cloud migration and implementation present a range of concerns for business leaders who must deal with security concerns select a provider who can best meet their business needs and keep a business running throughout the implementation process. Read more…


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