Things You Should Know About Watson Machine Learning

The technology of IBM Watson machine learning is impressive. The fact that one machine can read and analyze gigabytes of information in several seconds is unbelievable. However, it’s truthful. Watson uses natural language processing, understands context, determines the meaning, and provides answers based on evidence. Watson machine learning is already used in several spheres: healthcare, business, education, science. Explore more in this article.

IBM Watson is famous for winning on the TV quiz show Jeopardy. Having proven to be wiser than 2 Jeopardy champions, Watson won $1 million. From that time Watson was interesting for everyone who keeps an eye on artificial intelligence and machine learning news. As you may have noticed, many things have changed. Watson isn’t taking part in TV shows anymore. However, this machine is taking it to the next level, changing the technology world.

Is IBM Watson different now?

In 2011, Watson was a set of servers that would fill up a whole room. Nowadays, Watson uses a cloud technology. Developers control it through apps. Since 2011, Watson has been working effectively with many companies. It gave birth to such projects as Watson Oncology and Chef Watson, the North Face Personal Shopper, etc. IBM Watson is planning to change the whole world, using natural language recognition, cognitive computing, and machine learning. Scientists and researches have already done a lot, making this world a better place to live in. IBM Watson is collaborating with universities, SMEs, and giant companies. It creates a platform for cognitive business, offers access to a library of cognitive APIs, facilitates discoveries, and improves self-service.

Big companies are already using Watson machine learning for making this world better.

So how do company use Watson machine learning technology? The first good example is the collaboration of IBM Watson Health and American Diabetes Association. Its goal is to deliver better information that will be useful for patients, services providers, and entrepreneurs. Data analysis will have positive effects on prevention of diabetes, management, treatment facilitation, and providing patients with more useful information on how to prevent complications.

Another great example of using Watson machine learning algorithms is the collaboration of IBM’s The Weather Company and the Deep Thunder. Together companies offer more accurate forecasts. Using information about the weather from the past years and analyzing all evidence, the machine trains in learning new forecast algorithms. This is a great option for finding patterns that couldn’t have been noticed by people.

Big companies are already using Watson machine learning for making this world better.

Watson machine learning allows OmniEarth give meaning to water data. Using IBM Watson algorithms, water managers can check whether people use water efficiently. The machine analyses unstructured data, aerial and satellite photos. This form of data analytics is really helpful as it improves the safety of utility providers, utility system lifecycle, and all business operations. Taking into account the fact that 80% of data was missing out because of gaps in analysis, all decisions were made almost blindly.

Another project IBM is taking part in is called IBM Security. Using Watson machine learning and analytics, this machine turns into a cyber security tool. Collaborating with 8 universities, IBM Watson is filling out security skills gaps. Its cognitive skills are used for finding out connections between all threats, data, and strategies to solve problems.

What solutions can IBM offer?

Developers are among those who can directly benefit from IBM machine learning. There are several services at IBM platform that provide developers with a possibility to build cognitive apps:

  • machine translation
  • language identification
  • concept expansion
  • relationships extraction
  • user modeling
  • question and answer base
  • visualization rendering

Watson also holds developer conferences and seminars where one can find out more about Watson APIs, tools, and products. It’s a good opportunity for everyone who wants to try building a bot or virtual agent with a help of natural language processing and machine learning.

Big companies are already using Watson machine learning for making this world better.

One of the coolest solutions IBM is now offering is image recognition. Watson is good not only in data mining. Its cognitive computing skills allow machine analyze images. Watson can recognize objects, events, and settings by looking at their color, shape, texture, and edges. This technology is used by MP Maritime, a shipping-intelligence company. This company uses Watson knowledge for identifying large ships on satellite images.

Watson machine learning has also been used for creating a humanoid robot concierge, Connie. Connie is working at Hilton Hotels. It fascinates people, providing useful information about different hotel-related activities: where to eat, how to get somewhere, etc. This robot concierge uses such Interfaces and Dialog and Speech to Text. For making this robot, IMB professionals used the travel database provided by WayBlazer.

Big companies are already using Watson machine learning for making this world better.

Connie is 58 cm tall. It’s blue and white. Its physical form has been created by Aldebaran, a French interactive robot manufacturer. The first model of Connie was called Nao. It doesn’t replace real lobby boys. Connie just makes a hotel even more fashionable by creating human-machine interactions. This is not a game changer in a hospitality service. However, it still has a tremendous effect on the way guests feel visiting Hilton hotels.

If you are interested in more ways to use Watson machine learning and cognitive computing, check out our blog or just write to us. We love AI, chatbots, and natural language recognition. But we love sharing great info even more. So stay tuned!

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