[Video] Video streaming platforms review: Free and paid

Howdy! It’s time to review free and paid video streaming platforms!

Free services are not always the right solutions for your companies because of security issues and some specific business requirements. Also, these platforms are better for recorded video, so this is not the best choice for live streaming.

Anyways, if you decided to host the stream from Youtube, you’ll need to add the embedded code on your website. The steps to embed a video are pretty easy and straightforward: First – Find the embed code on the host website; Then – copy it, and at last – paste it onto your website.

You may ask who uses Youtube for streaming video?
Mostly, branded platforms are used by bloggers, sportsmen, celebrities and small companies that don’t have the budget for developing custom solutions. The company that doesn’t stream on a regular basis will just go the easiest way and use Youtube. All those people who need to stream here and now and don’t care about security or about Youtube logo on the video this free popular platform.

So what’s going on with paid platform?
Streaming services like Ustream, YouNow, Livestream and Dacast provide the bandwidth that allows you to share your stream with others and you don’t need to worry about installing an encoder. They all offer different packages and have different prices for their services. Most of them have free basic packages, but if your business needs more viewer hours and storage, the price will rise depending on the scale of your stream.

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