[Video] Video Streaming introduction

Hello everyone! You are watching SOFTtalk channel. Today we start series of our talks about video streaming. Why Video Streaming?

This is one of the greatest tools for boosting engagement and connecting with your audience. We’ve done some research and found out that streaming video lowers costs and improves timeliness and availability of corporate communications.

Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and by 2017 video will take up 69% of consumer internet traffic. If to mention B2B companies it’s 96% who are planning to use video in their content marketing over the next year. These numbers are quite impressive. Moreover, they indicate that most businesses have already adopted video and tried out its magical effect.

What’s more, at LETZGRO we’ve noticed that interactive component of websites is growing. More and more businesses try to enhance their user experience and incorporate not only streaming video into their business models but also AR and VR technologies. So we’ve prepared for you 8-episode series to get to know how to implement streaming video solutions into your company to drive even more engagement.

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