Ukrainian IT center campaign assures world that “it’s business as usual”, The Internet keeps getting faster and more dangerous, 15 brilliant hacks!

Ukrainian IT center campaign assures world that “it’s business as usual”

In the midst of, and because of, tremendous political unrest in its country, the Ukrainian Information Technology Development Center has launched an awareness campaign to promote the Ukrainian IT industry. The initiative’s mission is to let the world know that despite the current political situation, the Ukrainian IT industry is going strong, organizers say. According to an email to FierceCIO, the program will feature a social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to encourage interaction with Ukrainian IT talent. The Development Center explained that “Ukraine has a significant IT outsourcing industry that helps many North American Internet and tech startups. Despite the recent political situation, business is going strong in Ukraine and has not been disrupted.” The purpose of the awareness campaign is “to let the North American IT industry know that it is ‘business as usual’ in Ukraine.” Read more…


The Internet keeps getting faster and more dangerous

Akamai, a leading Internet content delivery network (CDN) company, released its Fourth Quarter, 2013 State of the Internet Report (PDF Link) on April 23rd. The good news is that the global average Internet connection speed keeps getting faster. The bad news is Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks increased at an even speedier pace. Read more…

15 brilliant hacks from the TNW Conference Kings of Code Hack Battle

The ‘Kings of Code Hack Battle‘ is always a highlight at TNW Conference. The projects – developed over 30 hours – are often quirky, inventive, beautiful, or a mixture of all three. The batch this year were equally impressive, stunning the crowd and our expert jury. We had nine API partners for the hackers to utilize this time around: SendGrid, Deezer, Pearson, Mashery, Spotify, Interoute, Verisign, Twitter, PayPal, and Below, we’ve selected a handful of hacks that really stood out. Read more…

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