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No more sweeping under the rug

Here the thing, let us get the closer look at  latest political events in Ukraine, cause it brought doubtful reputation to the country’s outer image. Since a lot of people have been asking me if it is safe to live and work under a “bombshell”, I’ve decided to give another shot explaining whats really going on here.  Maybe the source of stress is your own confusion: on the one hand, social media is overhauling showing us the BIG scary picture, and on the other, lack of adequate information doesn’t help either. It simply comes in a totally different packages. Before you done your unofficial conclusion, let me give you a few hints. The devil is in the details after all – for good or for bad.

map of ukraine

We do like this joke from Jimmy Kimmel late night show:

Putin said that when Americans claim to be exceptional it offends other countries. This from a man who arrests his political opponents, persecutes people based on sexual orientation, and put a girl band in a labor camp for singing songs he didn’t like. We don’t think we are better than everyone else. We just think we are better than him, specifically.


Putin doing his dance of control, while going deeper into the woods causing much more trouble to his own reputation. Does this tense dominating pressure reflect anything with outsourcing in Ukraine? Not at all. First of all, only 4% of our territory has been effected by military action, secondly, only 0,1% soldiers out of our population involved in anti-terrorist operation and finally, I must admit that Putin is a very bad dancing partner. His ambitious plan is slowly but surely failing. Yes, it’s there – a deep, peaceful knowing that it’s a very low chance your developer gets recruited. Mainly Central and Western parts have fair to no impact from the conflict. Wander through our country “with a fresh pair of eyes”. You’ll be amazed how calm and friendly our cities are. This could be something markedly different than what you studied in school or even planned on based on your Facebook news feed. Now some questions arising: “Are you sure”? “How can you be sure”? Hold on! You really can’t be sure of anything in this crazy world, but by now you should stop trust the media.  As the old proverb asks , how do you eat an elephant? The answer is: one bite at a time. Step by step if you want to reach things right. At the other end of spectrum, some facts might help to turn your mind into immense positive outcome.

  • According to Bloomberg Business, Ukraine has the top largest and fast growing IT outsourcing services market in the world.
  • There are over 4000 IT companies employing over 100 000 hardware, software and IT consulting professionals.
  • The cost of employing a software developer in Ukraine or outsourcing IT business solutions development to Ukraine is still about one-half of the cost than having same service in EU or US.
  • The government of Ukraine is fully supporting and encouraging restructuring the economy towards IT services industry.
  • Most of the largest IT companies in Ukraine, Lviv-Ivano-Frankivsk-Kyiv, are located far away from the turmoil zone.

 Now let’s get honest

Detailed map of Ukraine

Basically quite curious myself, I respect all opinions and arguments as long as they are transparently clear to others. I’ve decided to talk to my friends around the world to ask some related questions. Progressive young professionals, whose impressions are more understandable and valuable in our time. Though I may not get the answers I seek by pinning down those people, simply not everyone is capable of “talking it through” but I believe in breaking the ice by approaching people one on one.

Museum in Ivano Frankivsk


What do you know about current situation in Ukraine?

D: I work on a crisis intervention team for a hospitality company, and I receive some reports through guests who are currently staying in Ukraine. Most people who go there feel safe, and some people are afraid to travel there and need to cancel their accommodations. It depends on the area one is in.

B: Basically just the cliff notes S: Just what I hear in the media. Confused to know whats happening as I don’t trust the media but seems like Russia is throwing it’s weight around.

R: I’ve heard that there has been conflict going on in Ukraine but I don’t know many details.

P: Russia is attempting to flex their muscle and assert control over the area which caused international pressure against Russia. They may have backed down  slightly but I think Putin is stubborn and it would hurt his pride too much to back down completely, so tension is ongoing.

Is there any differences for you between Eastern and Western Ukraine?

D: I have no idea. I know there are areas that are in more turmoil than others.

B: Yes. As far as I know Eastern identifies more with Russia and Western world wants nothing to do with Russia.

S: I have no idea of the difference.

R: I’m going to Google it right now!

P: No but because I think of Ukraine being near Russia(without looking at the map) I think Eastern part is not where you want to be.

Do you think its safe to be in Ukraine now?

D: Yes. I do. B: I’m guessing not at the moment.

S: It doesn’t seem to be no.

R: I think if you know where to go in Ukraine to be safe, or a reason to go, I don’t think there is a problem.

P: Relatively. Chances of anything happening anywhere low unless they really hate Americans. I think it would be fine despite the conflicts.

How are you feeling about USA helping out Ukraine with the military mission or defensive weapon?

D: I think the US will prefer if Russia had less power. I am guessing they are helping out Ukraine for that reason.

B: I believe in helping were needed, but also felt US didn’t need to poke their nose in.

S: I’d be skeptical of anything America gets involved in with respect to military.

R:  US seems to be up in a lot of other countries ‘biz. Where’s UN?

P: I don’t think its wise for the US to piss off Russia but Putin has to go. I think these days trade sanctions beat military action if you can pull it off, I think the US has done that. But yeah, I think they should help out to the extent they can without causing an all out war or making things worse.

Would you visit Ukraine in the near future in business/personal matter?

If yes, Would you take any precaution methods before your visit? If yes, What kind of methods it would be? Describe and explain.

D: Yes and no, I would not take any precaution methods.

B:  Yes, but I would definitely find someone willing to show me the ropes and what to and NOT to do(but I would do that anywhere unknown to me, not just Ukraine)

S:  No. I have no plans to and would need to investigate safety if there was a need.

R:  Sure! I would go with someone who knows a lot about it though.

P: I would, but I would take someone who knows the area and the language so that I am safe.

In conclusion

So where does the line between truthful and Media lies? The answer is simmering somewhere underneath the surface. Though, over the last few years it has become a little heavy-handed  and hot-headed when expressing our political leanings and passionate beliefs we still have a fresh perspective. When it comes to Ukraine, you need two steps to follow: first, think bigger than big. Then dive into devising practical solution. Positive changes are overdue so it’ll start to happen quickly. Would it be for business or for fun, the journey will  be far more interesting than the destination. Speaking constructively, you can expect chance of ROI. Geographical barriers don’t have to be a deal breakers! Go and explore alternative ideas, as they say – nothing ventured, nothing gained. Panorama Lviv

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