[Quiz] Top Things You Need to Know on How to Create Artificial Intelligence

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]Before getting into the information on how to create an artificial intelligence program, let’s define what AI is. How do you understand that term? Some people believe that AI is like Terminator. They imagine it like a big mighty robot that can ruin the world. However, AI refers to almost everything. It’s a calculator on your phone, a chatbot helping you buy tickets, a self-driving car, etc. You may use many of these things already. You just don’t know that these are the things you call AI.

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Let’s Start With Three AI Categories

If you are interested in making an AI, here is the information you will find helpful. There are 3 categories of AI:

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  • Artificial Superintelligence (ASI)

ANI includes AI that specializes in only one area. Although it’s often called Weak AI, it’s not that weak at all. Do you know the main difference between AI and a robot? In general, this is something that can talk, process information, carry out different tasks that have been assigned by users. The main difference is in the look. For example, Deep Blue is the first ANI that beat chess world champion, Garry Kasparov.

Another great example of ANI is Siri. Of course, you already know about this voice-controlled virtual assistant. Siri helps you find everything needed from a gift for your bestie to the list of tips from the most famous developers making an AI. Siri helps you see the location of close people. After all those acts of terror, this is the feature many people appreciate. As for other features, Siri helps you with math and conversions, turns into a personal manager with all its reminders, and improves your mood providing clever responses to your funny questions.

AGI is often called Strong AI. This is Human-Level AI that can do almost everything people do. Searching how to build an artificial intelligence program, you’ll probably find out that creating AGI is not an easy task. Researchers, developers, and scientists are still working on it. It must be really difficult to create a system that will reason, think, learn from experience, and have such mental capabilities as people do.

As for ASI, it’s smarter than most people. It must possess some general knowledge, wisdom, creativity, and social skills. According to the research, there is already a computer that has mental capabilities of a 4-year-old. When computer develops its power to have the same knowledge as an average human brain, it won’t stop. Thus, we may soon leap into living in the artificial superintelligence era. Is that good or bad? Not sure. But don’t you want to spend at least one day as if living in Humans TV Series (of course, if there is only a happy ending)?

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Artificial Intelligence You Already Use

So here is a short test for you. Could you please name several AI programs you use? So, I hear Cortana, Siri, Google Now. What else? Let me surprise you. There is a small ANI factory on your phone, telling you the weather, recommending movies, and doing dozens of other things. There are Google self-driving cars. Your mailbox is cleared by spam filters that use ANI learning your preferences and saving you from tons of emails with “10 Tips how to Become Wealthy/Healthy/Happy/etc.” FB knows which people to recommend to you. ANI uses the needed information and determines the price of almost every ticket. Should I continue? There are examples of AI everywhere. And there will be more of them. Isn’t it better to be in time and start learning how to create artificial intelligence software now?

I’ve already mentioned Siri. Cortana has similar features. It serves as a personal assistant that reminds you of everything important, searches for things that help you solve problems, saves your time composing emails, etc. The same concerns Google Now. However, there is also Viv that has got some other benefits. It’s a conversational UI program that interacts with you almost naturally. A great thing about Viv is its ability to learn and think. Using special algorithms, Viv can improve its speech recognition skills, learn new concepts and ideas. When developers describe a system what they want and model it, the computer will do everything else. Writing its own code, Viv makes all conversations more natural. Sounds cool!

There is another successful example of how to create AI – IBM Watson. As experts state, it’s a technology platform capable of analyzing unstructured data. It understands grammar and context. Having evaluated different meanings and senses, it makes a conclusion and presents users with answers.

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Platforms for AI Making

Those who wonder how to create artificial intelligence programs may celebrate! 2016 has provided developers with a bunch of possibilities to create. There are many platforms that offer voice recognition and machine learning. Let’s start with Wit.ai. Wit.ai is a service that can convert verbal commands into text. Using the concept of roles, this service learns how to find the difference between entities in different contexts. It may be used by developers who work with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Raspberry Pi, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and Rust. There is also a JavaScript plugin.

Jasper is an open-source platform for Raspberry Pi fans. Its main benefits include on voice controls and some default modules asking for news, FB notifications, Gmail inbox status, etc. Another interesting API is Clarifai. It’s an artificial intelligence service that recognizes image and video. As developers claim, its learning engine improves all the time. There are also such services as Api.ai and Fancy Hands. If you want to choose which one will suit you best when creating an AI program, you’d read more about these services. They have different features so there is no difficulty in finding the one that will suit your requirements.

This is only a part of all the information we’d like to share with you. Being interested in how to create artificial intelligence on a computer, we’re always looking for news concerning AI. Feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly teach you how to create your own artificial intelligence.
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