Top 5 Live Video Streaming Apps on Android

According to Smartphone and Tablet Usage Report, conducted by subdivision of the NPD group, eighty-one percent of US respondents use their mobile phones for broadcasting video live. Besides, the report vividly demonstrates that the majority of active smartphone users consists of young people 25 years old and under.

Obviously, it explains why everybody is so eager to be aware of top-notch solutions for live video streaming on smartphones. These apps are not only simple to install and use, but they also transmit high quality video online and enable their users to be involved in conversation with stream anchor or other watchers.

The variety of apps for livecasting is stunning, so you have many options to pick out. Here you will find a brief overview of the best live streaming apps on Android platform.


Cool app

Kamcord is a well-known live video streaming app for Android. This tool enables you to broadcast your mobile activities, while sharing screen and recording short videos of your favorite applications. Also you can watch videos and streams of your friends or even celebrities. Besides, with Kamcord it is simple to join chat and comment on any live broadcasts.


connect with your friends

This app aims at live interaction between the broadcasters and their viewers. So, do not be surprised when chat zone and recommended streams will take substantial part of your screen.  With the purpose of making your communication more fascinating, YouNow has added a set of points which you gain for certain kinds of online activity. Also one more virtue of this app is a special currency system, by using which you can buy presents for the people whose streams you like the most, in such a way expressing your admiration. Moreover, there is an option to catch up with videos you’ve missed and to gather  best moments of broadcasting.

funny filters is claimed to be the best Android live video streaming app for social media activities. Its main distinctive features are various stickers and make up effects, which can be applied to your face during the broadcast. Furthermore, this tool has many other advantages such as: sharing your stream with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter friends, adding followers and getting notifications on recent streams from your favorite users. As in many other Android tools for livecasting, you’re able here to keep live chat and simultaneously react on comments directly on the stream.


broadcast events

Ustream is mainly used for watching live HD videos from various events, for interacting with other watchers and for organizing your own broadcasts. However, be aware of the fact that HD streaming with this app is supported only by certain mobile devices. Nevertheless, you can still join the channels you’re following on Ustream, modify your video records or go live effortlessly with Quick Broadcast widget. for Android

With you do not need to expend extra effort for watching, liking and chatting at the same time. Moreover, you can easily stream high quality video on your own and share it with your fellows. is a great tool for keeping in contact with your good friends and meeting new ones. Recently added peculiarities of this app include screen broadcasting and the opportunity to involve your GoPro Hero4™ camera in streaming. However, these updates will work only for Android  5.0+.

All in all, as you’ve might already noticed, apps for video streaming on smartphones are quite similar. Sometimes, due to technical restrictions, they cannot satisfy all customers’ needs. So if you are keen on building your own custom mobile video streaming app – just contact us.

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