ScrumMaster Club meeting at Letzgro’s office

ScrumMaster @ Letzgro

We recently hosted a ScrumMaster Club gathering in our Lviv office. Aimed at increasing Scrum skills and qualification and to provide a venue for agile software development adherents to get together and share practices and ideas.

Presenting at the event were professional Agile/Scrum coaches Bohdan Misiura with his “Scrum Enhancers” report and Andrey Pavlenko with a presentation on “Scrum Team Distribution”. Also, our new friends scrum-masters Dima Sednevets and Maxim Dmitruk with the topics “Who is a ScrumMaster?” and “Appraisal in story points”.

In addition to these insightful talks the event was marked by lots of experience-sharing conversations, a delightfully positive atmosphere and, of course, good food.

At Letzgro, we believe such experiences to be part of our continuous improvement and growth so we are very glad we could take part in hosting such a meet-up within our office and look forward to further cooperation with ScrumMaster.

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