launched help strategy session in Boston


Letzgro is always ready to defer to opinions and willing to improve and that’s why we have launched the help strategy session within co-founders and advisors in Boston in order to analyse the progress and work out a plan of further development. Of course, we were delighted to hear positive comments, but what we were looking for was feedback to turn from a successful project into an outstanding and exceptional one.


One of the advisors, whose suggestions we found really helpful, was Phil Garlick, our Recognote CEO, who has rich experience in building successful companies – one of his auspicious projects is IPOed. During this fruitful session, the majority of decisions that would be implemented in our project were discussed in detail and included with the project development plan. Ihor Pidruchny, Letzgro CEO admitted that establishing a tough relationship with our target markets is the most important task for now. Also, it was decided to focus on building massive Recognote’s clients’ database.

So tasks have been already delivered to the respective project team, and….ready, set, go! There is still so much work to be done, but we are ready to take this challenge just as we are ready to look for the new ones.

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