Recognote – A New Revolutionary Software Solution for Powerful Motivation in Your Company

Are you a leader or manager, and you want to make your employees more motivated?
Do you want to reinforce your HRMS?
Do you want to improve the communicative process between employees?
Recognote provides a solution to these issues.

What is Recognote and how does it work?

A program that is designed to facilitate sending feedback between employees on their professional activities, personal qualities, results and everything else that they think deserves attention in a unique and intuitively simple way.

How to take part:

  1. Register at
  2. Choose colleagues you want to recognize
  3. Select or input a trait you want to praise
  4. Add a text message
  5. Send it!


The person who received the message can thank you back as well as mention someone else to it. Other employees see these messages and can congratulate the recipient. Thus, it encourages communication and the sharing of mutually complimenting messages.

15 main reasons to consider Recognote for your business

  1. Recognote is a good motivator. As we know, positive feedback, which was received and available to others is a powerful motivational force. Positive feedback and feedback, in general, provides great benefits. It gives an opportunity to feel appreciated, understood and worthy of attention. A person sees that his or her work and all actions aren’t ignored, but on the contrary, their work has generated feedback from colleagues. When this feedback is positive and personally directed , it acts as a great motivator for work and activity. It should be noted that people consciously or unconsciously, try to behave the same way in the future, it means that person brings results, shows professionalism and personal qualities. So, basic social needs of people are satisfied: to be heard and to be recognized and to understand the vector of manifestation of the future behavior (the basic information requirements). As a result, a person becomes motivated, inspired and ready to give the company the necessary results and provide effective professional activity.
  2. It shows progress. Be able to see the professional growth of each employee. Using the expanded feedback it is possible to monitor what exactly helps the employee’s progress (improving the job competence or personal development). Also, it is possible to determine the most valuable traits and features that need to be developed.
  3. Acts as a double motivator. The motivational function of Recognote has a dual nature: firstly employees motivate each other with positive reviews, secondly — observing positive communication between employees, managers are also motivated, especially when the improving staff communication process is in their area of responsibility. In addition, the inspiration of managers becomes stronger when the performance of their tasks is the basis for positive communication between employees. This is the reason for the formation of such administrative decisions, which motivate.
  4. Provides an increase of objectivity and transparency: Managers have the possibility to increase the extent of their objectivity in the formation of management decisions about certain employees using the information material derived from reviews.
  5. Recognote “makes history.” It can be described with the saying “The pen is mightier than sword”. Recognote saves the communication history; the messages are available and visible. This allows returning to them with motivational, analytic and research purposes. For example, if the employee’s career progresses rapidly, we can monitor those aspects of performance that caused most of the reviews and make certain conclusions about the algorithm of professional success in the company.
  6. Increases the value of feedback. Recognote shows us the advantages of written feedback. Of course, employees communicate verbally and share some thoughts about each other. However, when you write your attitude, you usually devote more time, carefully choose the words and as a result, this review becomes more important for the recipient. It is purposeful activity, but not formally ‘thanks’. Voluntary feedback basis is also an important feature of the program. Awareness, that people wrote nice things ‘from heart’ increases valuation basement of the message and thus its motivational effect.
  7. It generates a positive communicative culture of the company. There are important aspects here: A person carefully selects the words, activates own vocabulary and writes smart and “right” things when writing is used instead of speaking. Some people do not dare or cannot give feedback, that’s why they need time to choose ahead the most constructive ways to message, and Recognote gives such opportunity. The appropriate format of communication (R-format) facilitates the choice of method for sending a message. Recognote is the reason of communication: a person can just say “thank you” or send something pleasant .These aspects provide an improvement of communication culture.
  8. Improves interaction. Sometimes we do not express positive thoughts about each other. We believe it is not important. All people usually forget to say nice things, because “it’s clear itself”. Accessibility of this program encourages companies to use a powerful motivational element such as positive feedback in Recognote, which certainly improves cooperation between employees and increases the effectiveness of cooperation.
  9. Gives a sense of influence. Through Recognote, a person can positively influence the career of another person, which gives them a sense of importance and usefulness to the company, and motivates her to contribute to this company.
  10. As a way to resolve conflict. Sending nice messages, people can neutralize the possible conflicts, developing constructive and positive communication. It helps to focus on work and the result.
  11. Possess a relaxation function. Devoting just a little time to Recognote, a person can change focus, relax, and activate positive emotions that allow the awakening of creativity, reduction of monotony and an increase of their performance.
  12. It’s an HR manager’s best friend. Recognote facilitates leader’s activity through its powerful motivational effect. As well as help you to find the connection between praise and results. Moreover, we can use it for encouraging employees for higher efficiency.
  13. Provides motivation quantification. As in, a division into portions. Management experts say that all praise must be done separately (particular praise for particular success). Thus, Recognote notes mostly relate to certain results of specific tasks, providing clear and specific sectioning and raises employee motivation and initiative.
  14. The effect of surprise. The main advantage of Recognote is the unexpectedness of feedback and responses instead of standard, simple, predictable feedback in working process.
  15. Recognote creates optimists. It was investigated that optimism is one of the most fundamental skill for professionally successful people. The presence of Recognote in a company encourages employees to see and focus on the positive aspects of people and it promotes positive thinking that activates the creative resources, stimulates the generation of brilliant ideas and achievement of high professional goals.

Recognote is definitely for your company if you:

  • need to kick-start or augment a staff motivation program
  • want employees to care about the results as much as you do
  • want to be an industry leader who attracts top talent
  • have company values, but they’re not top-of-mind

Recognote is the perfect software solution for motivating and stimulating your staff to improve interaction between employees and the development of positive inspiring work environment that is certainly reflected in high rates of efficiency and effectiveness. Available for Web and iOS. See also our portfolio entry on it.

Be motivated and motivate others!

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