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Let’s talk about what goes into getting an app developed

In the past three years, the app market gained a huge reaction from the users and developers. It went viral and spread on Android, Blackberry and other mobile markets under the limelight. You too may decide to turn your attention to business promotion with the help of an app. With that decision, some serious questions could arise: Where to start? How much does it cost? The whole point that it is not as expensive and much easier than you think. There are many kinds of categories and groups of apps you can develop. Speaking in broad spectrum, the basic pile of app types are:

  • Basic typeface functionality. The easiest way to create and design a good option for a business who need a simple app that provides basic information.
  • Data-driven custom functionality. Can offer the extension to your daily business. It gets more complex to create data “native”(built in) or “dynamic” (built into web service)
  • Completely dynamic apps. Rely on external information, like Weather Channel or Twitter
  • Custom utilities. Allows users to take over content in a specific way. Good examples are Numbers or Pages by Apple Inc
  • Games. Most wider platform of complexity. You can do some simple functionality or step up to 3D instruments to improve the performance.

Get into the process

App development process can be divided into 4 major phases – idea, planning, design and “make it happen”


  1. The Idea. The first step is the most important one so you should get a constructive idea of what kind of app you’d like to create and see in the future. It depends on your imagination, marketing effort and type of business you do. So you can go different directions here: simple base info, games or interactive app. Of course, it is obvious that the more complicated app will cost more, but also, you can get a higher chance of ROI. Simple one can’t do much of functionality but easy to build and cheaper.
  2. Planning. The capable can-do plan extends to how well you manage the basic system of app development. You’ll be fascinated as to how many details and scenarios there are for the simple app process. Be ready to go step by step through programming labyrinth and tune in into the architectural strategy. It’ll save you time in the future, understanding how all parts interact with each other.
  3. Design. Once programming and functionality have been specified, the designer has a full picture of what needs to be done. Usually, it takes a team to create a decent application.
  4. Make it happen. Once you have built in IDE, your developer can fit your app in the store. Set up all the necessary information: description, icons, and pricing.

iOS App Development Costs

Make sure to be clear, what type of devices your app will be created for – since price may vary. For example, you should add 25% above to the original price for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.
Simple typeface app – $1,000-4,000
Database App – $8,000-50,000
Games – $10,000-250,000
Additional Features:
Game Center – $1,000
Web Services – $1,000-5,000
In-App Purchasing – $1,000-3,000
Social Media Sharing (Facebook, Twitter and email) – $500-1,500
SDKs (Google Analytics, Applovin etc) – $500-1,000
No other hidden fees except the Apple’s charge per year ($99) and 30% cut they’ll withdraw from each sale.

Android App Development Costs

Basic app – $2,000-100,000
Moderate complexity app- $10,000 – 40,000
Complex app – $40,000 – 80,000
Additional feature:
Social media integration – $20,000-50,000
Database Infrastructure – $3,000-10,000
The cost of Android App is Dynamic Function so it based on App Nature.
Depends on many other factors prices may be higher or lower.
By the way, here you can get for free: (x) an estimation of your project and even (x) a free initial discovery session.

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