Programming Languages Career-Minded Developers Should Learn, Google Launches 64-bit Version of Chrome, Apps too Powerful for the Mac App Store

6 Emerging Programming Languages Career-Minded Developers Should Learn

If you’re a developer looking to increase your employability, then learning a new language is always a good strategy. But the big question is this: Which language should you learn?


A quick glance on any developer recruitment site tells you which common programming languages are in demand. Take a look right now and you see plenty of vacancies for programmers with skills in programming languages such as Java, C, C++, C# and Objective C, scripting languages including Python, PHP, Ruby and JavaScript, and database programming in SQL. Read more…

10 Great Apps too Powerful for the Mac App Store

Many of the most interesting and useful apps are not available via the Mac App Store or are available only as reduced capability versions. In this gallery, we look at ten we use regularly.

More power!

Over the last few years, the Mac App Store has turned out to be a far less overwhelming presence than we originally thought it might become. It was not, in fact, an Armageddon for traditional Mac developers. Read more…

Google Launches 64-bit Version of Chrome, Starting with Dev and Canary Channels for Windows 7 and Widows 8

Google today announced the debut of a 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows, starting with the introduction of 64-bit Dev and Canary channels for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. You can download both now from their respective pages: Dev and Canary.

It’s worth noting that in both cases the 64-bit version is offered by default if you are running a 64-bit flavor of Windows, though the 32-bit version is still available. Read more…


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