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Why Your Blockchain Initiative Won’t Miss Out on the Action in 2019

2019 has started exactly as we predicted…
First acquisitions on the super early, emerging market of blockchain technology are happening:

  • Facebook has announced the acquisition of ChainSpace
  • Bakkt, backed by the New York Stock Exchange, has proceeded with its first acquisition in Starbucks

We Knew Blockchain Was Here to Stay

Blockchain is now disrupting and penetrating all business verticals!
Huge payers like C.H. Robinson, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Walmart, British Airways, FedEx, Maersk, Ford, Nestle, BHP Billiton, JPMorganChase, HSBC, Bank of America, MoneyGram, American Express, Coral Health, SimplyVitalHealth, Robomed, Patientory, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Nebula Genomics, EncrypGen, Iryo, BlockPharma, Guardtime, Burtiq, Factom, Disney, Time Warner, whose business models are being followed and adopted globally, have already got their blockchain use cases LIVE!

Toyota, Samsung, BNP Paribas, VISA, Western Union, 21st Century Fox, CBS, Comcast, Viacom and Live Nation Entertainment, Columbia Records, and Sony BMG are currently working on use cases for adopting blockchain and will start utilizing it for their businesses in 2019!

Are you already there?

We Have Worked Hard to Become Your Expert Guides

We have analyzed more than 2,000 concepts and researched more than 200 scenarios in the last 12 months.
Due to our relations with EEA and the Linux Foundation, we have access to early industry news.
It’s our full-time job to track innovators who are building blockchain products and key decision-makers in the enterprise world who are hunting for best use cases and avenues for blockchain adoption as well as the technology to acquire further down the path.
Reading the news, you are probably asking yourself whether YOUR BLOCKCHAIN CONCEPT WILL BE ACQUIRED? OR CAN IT BE SUCCESSFUL AT ALL?
Let’s be frank. We receive a lot of b.s inquiries. All the token-sale hype has driven crowds of people into the industry and given them a good excuse to call themselves blockchain-based companies. We have also seen really good teams, projects, and companies evolve over the months and years.
Everything is telling us 2019 is the best time to validate and start your blockchain venture, because:

  • You will have competition that doesn’t sleep. Even though it’s early on, we have seen equally good teams starting similar products, and some of them have raised seed funding and Series A.The space will inevitably become more crowded.
  • 2019 is the year of first significant acquisitions. It’s already starting slowly, but as the first movers are making their bets. Competitors will follow shopping for similar solutions just because that’s how markets work: large players follow each other in their strategic moves.
  • There’s blood in the street. We are at the bottom of the cryptocurrency markets cycles. It’s just a good time to create a company or product that is in this market in terms of uptrends.

How to Build without Losing

Every use case you get could be potentially a new branch of your project development to attract interest. Order now to get possible use cases for your Platform.

What exactly is Included in Your Blueprint?

  • List of most prominent blockchain use cases applicable to your business
  • High-level analysis of business advantages from blockchain implementation
  • Market use cases of similar solutions and how you can stand out from the crowd

Honest Insider Review of the Most Popular Blockchain Solutions

What Will Happen the Next Business Day After You Order?

  1. We will schedule a call with you to dive deep into your situation. The duration of the call could be as long as 2 hours if we need to focus on certain areas of potential explosion. If you cannot dedicate 2 hours in one-time slot, we will schedule a follow-up call.
  2. After we have the call, we will set a timeline for preparation of an individualized blueprint for you (usually takes between 2 days and 1.5 weeks).

Why It’s Risk Free

We have a 100% return policy on this product. If, for any reason, our work doesn’t turn to be a good fit for you, we will refund your payment for this product, no questions asked. We do this because we are confident we can help you progress. We value successful partnerships more than anything else.


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