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Google Starts Rolling Out New Sheets with Offline Editing, Speed Improvements, and Filter Views to All

Google today announced it has started rolling out its faster, more powerful version of Google Sheets: users will be automatically upgraded “over the next few weeks.” When you get the upgrade, all your new spreadsheets will use the new Sheets format. Google wouldn’t say when existing spreadsheets will be upgraded to the new Sheets, though the company did say it will share details on that process “in the coming months.” Read more…


5 Ways to Prevent Data Loss in Mobile Environments

The best practices and technologies involved with data loss prevention (DLP) on mobile devices aim to protect data that leaves the security of the corporate network. Data can be compromised or leaked for a variety of reasons: Device theft, accidental sharing by an authorized user or outright pilferage via malware or malicious apps. Read more…

How 13 Programming Languages Got Their Names

Programmers generally agree that one of the hardest tasks in software development is naming things. One of things they have to name, though not very often, are new programming languages. When a new language is designed, the name chosen for it often follows one of several formulas: it’s an acronym or abbreviation based on what it is (e.g., BASIC, COBOL, TCL, LISP), the name is derived from an existing language (e.g., C++, C#, CoffeeScript) or it’s named after someone famous from math or computer science (e.g., Ada, Pascal, Turing). Sometimes, though, language designers get more creative when choosing a name. Here are the stories behind 13 of the more unusual programming language names. Read more…

How to Handle the IT Skills Shortage: Architect Your People

IT and technology are always going to be moving targets. The pace at which change takes place is furious compared to most industries. Technologies evolve and business objectives change. As a result, the skills required to get the job done must change, too. Finding perfect people who meet a laundry list of qualifications is a dubious task. Read more…

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