Microsoft Closer to Choosing New CEO, Cloud Service Helps You Communicate Better, Top IT Sustainability Trends, etc.

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  • Microsoft closer to choosing new CEO, Ford’s Mulally bows out
  • Top IT sustainability trends for 2014
  • Cloud service helps you communicate better by “Reading your voice”
  • New Gmail messaging feature causes privacy concerns

Microsoft Closer to Choosing New CEO, Ford’s Mulally Bows Out

Ford CEO Alan Mulally is no longer a frontrunner in Microsoft’s search for a CEO to replace departing Steve Ballmer. Mulally told the Associated Press in a Jan. 7 in an interview that he “would like to end the Microsoft speculation.” Shutting down the possibility of heading up the software giant, he added, “I have no other plans to do anything other than serve Ford. See more…


Top IT Sustainability Trends for 2014

A new year offers new opportunities for environmentally friendly technologies, and Microsoft is constantly scanning the horizon for ways to advance its efforts to help drive the industry toward a greener path and lessen the impact of its own operations, according to Robert Bernard, chief environmental strategist for Microsoft. See more…

Cloud Service Helps You Communicate Better by ‘Reading Your Voice’

In today’s hotly competitive workplace, everyone needs to be a good public speaker, or at least an effective verbal communicator. Emails, tweets, and Facebook posts just don’t cut it when you’re trying to make an impression on bosses, business partners, colleagues, and customers.

But how are people really hearing you? See more…

New Gmail messaging feature causes privacy concerns

Users of Google’s Gmail service will soon be able to send messages directly to other Gmail accounts, regardless of whether the recipient has shared their email address. See more…

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