Major Players in Video Editing Process

Video technology is a major player in everyday communication and entertainment. Nowadays, people cannot live without recording videos and sharing them via different channels. They used to share the moments from their personal life, leisure time, hectic city life etc. Due to the variety of different devices, they do not need professional equipment in order to shoot high-quality video. For this purpose, DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and smartphones, which record in 4K, are actively used. However, shooting hours of videos and storing lots of video files is not enough even for amateurs. Enthusiasts want their video to be entertaining and fascinating, that is why they keep looking for the most user-friendly and affordable video editing tools. Thanks to the constant development of new technologies, there are many advanced options with multiple features. For example, video editing tools which provide different kinds of effects from adding music to a video and applying filters to multicam editing, which allows you to switch between the  cameras and demonstrate the same scene from different angles. So let’s go through the most popular video editing applications.

Online video editors

YouTube Editor

Nearly everyone, who deals with hosting and watching videos on YouTube, is familiar with YouTube editor. While using this editor, there is nothing easier than to arrange properly your video recordings, create new videos and share them on YouTube just in one click. By the way, all uploaded files will be automatically added to the editor. By means of YouTube editor, anyone can make new videos while combining various video files, add music to the video from the big library of soundtracks, trim video to a suitable length and customize it with many effects. Furthermore, you can easily change the lighting and color gamma of the video while using video enhancements. Besides, there are also many filters, which will make your video pixelated, black and white or sepia. Moreover, on special effects menu, you will find a tool that blurs faces in a clip. If the speed of the video is not appropriate, it can be fixed with slow motion option. Go to preview player if you want to see all the changes in action. Once it’s necessary to undo saved changes, you can press Revert to original button.


your own movie


WeVideo is a potent and user-friendly video editor, which is based in the cloud. Furthermore, it is a collaborative application, which means that some people can simultaneously work with it on one project. Besides, with WeVideo, you can save your projects in Google Drive. In such a way, you’ll have all the projects in your personal account and work on them from Mac, PC, or even Chromebook. In order to provide proper functioning of WeVideo, you should use it on one of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 10+, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera 15+. Besides, there is some more good news regarding WeVideo web-based video editor – recently, it has been rebuilt on HTML5, not Flash, which makes it compatible with more devices. You can also use WeVideo on Android or iPhone, however, you’ll need WeVideo app installed on your smartphone. Among other features, provided by this application, are animation, video transformation, screencasting, custom branding and the library of free music. You are welcome to try all these features for enhancing your video.


best video editor

Wideo provides its unique way of editing videos online. This online video editor is really easy to work with. With this website, you can make simple or animated videos limited only by your imagination. On Wideo you will work with drag and drop functionality. You can upload your own images, video, and audio files and use them for your projects. Besides, there are many stock components available on the website. Unlike other online editors, Wideo does not track how many times you used these elements and does not limit you in this.


Magisto is a perfect online editing solution for those users who do not want to devote much time to the editing process and have nothing against its full automation. As far as this application runs on the backend, you won’t manually edit or shorten your videos. All you need here is just to select the theme and music, which will define the ambiance of your video. Furthermore, Magisto offers a wide variety of editing styles: Roaring Twenties, Sentimental, Party Beat and many others. While selecting a particular style, you not only define the effects that will be applied to the video, but you also set editing speed, general impression, and mood of your movie. The rest of work will be completed by the application. As a consequence, you’ll get a spectacular movie, which you wouldn’t resist sharing. The good thing is that Magisto works on Android and on iOS as well.

Video editing applications for iOS

An enormous advantage of iOS is its own framework – AV Foundation. AV Foundation provides important services which enable users to work efficiently with video and audio files on iDevices. Besides, with the help of this framework, it is possible to work with such file formats as QuickTime and MPEG-4. In such a way, iOS video editing applications have all crucial features for outstanding video editing experience.


editing on iOS

While talking about video editing solutions on iOS, iMovie is one of the top applications among iPhone users. With iMovie, you can create your own clip while choosing from eight different themes with appropriate music, transitions and titles. Besides, it is up to you which out of ten video filters, specially designed by Apple, apply to your video. Except for audio and video effects, you can also influence the length and playback speed of your movie. Feel free to use fast forward, slow motion, picture in picture and split screen effects for customizing your video files. Moreover, iMovie provides fourteen trailer templates from leading film-makers. iMovie is also capable of supporting a number of latest Apple’s features such as 3D touch, 4K, and 1080p60 videos. While working with this tool, you have an opportunity to keep all your projects in the library or to move them from one iDevice to another via iCloud Drive and AirDrop. Furthermore, you can share the videos that you created to iMovie Theater and enjoy watching them on different devices with iCloud.


Among free video editors for iDevices, Splice is famous for its multiplicity and a small size. In spite of the fact that Splice does not own extended functionality of video editing tools, it’s a perfect choice for achieving quick and proficient results. Besides, it is a very simple application to work with. In order to start, you should just select a video that you need to enhance. Then, you’ll find your video in a special area, where you can choose from many text overlays, transitions, background music, special effects, and filters. After saving your changes, you’ll be directed again to the full list of your videos, just in case you want to edit another one. Splice provides various options, in terms of sound effects, – users may add to their videos any melody from a free library of soundtracks and tonal effects or from their personal iTunes libraries. Moreover, they can record their own narrations, comments or any other sounds and add them as a background of the clips. One more nice feature of Splice is the opportunity to manage and influence playback speed of the videos. There are also many useful tools by means of which you’ll be able to add text, cut videos and crop photos, manage resolution, change background colors and many other things. While working with this video editing application, you are free to modify and share full HD 1080p videos.

Video editing applications for Android

As far as Android does not have its own frameworks and native libraries, video editing tools on this platform may have some limitations. However, being patient enough, you have all chances to find the solution which will meet your requirements.


best tool on Android

VivaVideo is an excellent video editing tool that is suitable for both Android and iOS. Besides, it’s awarded the Top Developer Badge in Google Play Store, as the most trustworthy application. VivaVideo provides a unique experience of capturing and editing video, creating video collages and slideshows. With the video editor, you can effortlessly merge and trim your video files, add music, transitions, different kinds of filters, animated stickers, text, subtitles. Furthermore, you are able to apply reverse and blurring effect of the background, modify speaking speed. For recording your special moments, you’ll have a wide choice of camera options such as Selfie, Basic, Funny, FX, Collage and Music Video. The unique feature of VivaVideo is Video Collage Maker, which enables users to merge some videos in a coherent story while applying really cool templates. By the way, all your clips and recorded videos are automatically exported to the gallery, so you won’t have any issues with finding them. VivaVideo is a free application and in case you need advanced features, you should go for VivaVideo Pro.


This video editing application on Android will be suitable for amateurs as well as for real professionals. It’s a unique cross-functional video editor that is easy in usage even on a small screen. KineMaster has the following features: support for multiple video layers, text, images, trimming, 3D transitions, color filters, multi-track audio, volume control, various effects, and themes. Although, the most appealing about KineMaster is the fact that it provides its users total control over the editing process. Moreover, by means of handwriting layers, this application allows you to add written notes and comments directly to your video. It seems that there are plenty of reasons which make KineMaster so popular among users from different industries.

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