Love, Yoga and Tarantino

In this fight for the most talented and skilled workforce, we hear about the notion of corporate culture more and more often. Companies are trying hard to be attractive offering employees all kinds of things from free lunches to massages. Before Letzgro, I’ve worked in many places, and practically all of them started to feel like home at some point, but the team assimilation has never been my strong side and it took me quite a while. To my surprise, this time, it was different. And the key, I think, was caring and a fun atmosphere. That’s why I want to share my experience of becoming a part of Letzgro and tell you about some of the great events and practices that made my first month here awesome.

Tarantino nights

12042680_809490545815628_5633353021543562852_nWho doesn’t like Tarantino? His movies are fun, dramatic, contain gripping violence, startling performances, and mind-blowing screenwriting all in one. Tarantino once said himself that a hallmark of all his movies is that there is a different sense of humor in each one, which gets the audience to laugh at things that are not funny. I believe that people love watching films together because it makes them closer, especially when it’s something as controversial as Tarantino.

Profi Day

11221823_10204922634535705_8407626070082791273_nLetzgro is always willing to share experience with others. During Profi Day in Ivano-Frankivsk, we presented our new methodology of team organization called FOS (FlatOrgStyle). The main idea behind this approach is that all members of a team are equal in their status and everyone is equally responsible for the implementation of a project. In the case of Letzgro, such flat structure turned out to be very efficient and we were happy to tell others about it.



As a part of our team building practices and to develop the atmosphere of trust and care in the company, Letzgro held Kundalini yoga sessions in Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv offices. Kundalini, which is also called the ‘yoga of awareness’, helps people to become conscious of their own emotions, thoughts and behavior. It is the starting point of any change in life.

The initiative was taken by Hai Vo, who has found his own balance and happiness in Kundalini Yoga after 15 years working in the IT industry. “Happiness is in the mind and body, not in the amount of money you make or future goals you set. I myself realized and experienced how unhealthy it can be to sit behind the computer all day in pursuit of (future) success and wealth. Kundalini Yoga was an effective method for me to learn to be healthy and happy in the present moment, hence becoming a better example for my little daughter. I see how hard the people at Letzgro work and so much wish for them to find a shorter way to happiness than it took me. That is why I am sharing yoga lessons at Letzgro and coach those who are in need to spiritual guidance. I do it for our people, their families and impact it can have on their future generations”.
For me it was a valuable experience and, I think, it’s great that the company where I work cares about the balance in its employees’ lives. As happy employees equals happy clients.


We don’t only care for the spiritual side of things, though. Apples and baby carrots may be be our office’s most beloved snacks, but we like to indulge in the occasional pastry too.

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