Live Video Streaming or VOD: Make the Best Choice for Your Business

Live video streaming and VOD (video on demand) offer many ways to increase brand recognition, a number of followers and potential customers. Even if you can identify the difference between those two at first glance, while giving preference to one over another, you should be aware of all the opportunities offered by each of them.  Consequently, you will be sure that the choice you’ve made for your business is the right one.

Live video streaming

live stream


We couldn’t agree more that live video streaming draws public attention to your content. Broadcasting your event, webinar, workshop etc. in real time makes it exclusive and more valuable. This will also increase the engagement of the audience, which due to fast technologies development may even be worldwide. However, with live streaming you are not limited only to broadcasting various kinds of events. Let’s review what alternative ways of using live video streaming for business exist.

Demonstrate the working process

You have all chances to increase your brand’s popularity while streaming the most interesting parts of the working process at your company. It might be, for example, the creation of a new product or a service that will be available soon. In such a way, you can put the results of your work under public scrutiny and create demand for a new product before its launching on the market. Let’s take, for instance, radio stations where live video streaming is widely used. It is popular to stream video from the webcams installed in the studio so as the listeners can not only listen to the radio but also watch what is going on there. This kind of broadcasts will help you to find common ground with your constituents and increase the appreciation of your work.

Make your company’s news a sensation


breaking news live

Sharing the news of your company via live video streaming will create even more buzz than you expect.  Everybody is eager to hear breaking news and recent updates straight from the horse’s mouth. You won’t need to spend much time preparing – act natural and be yourself. The only thing you should do beforehand is to announce to your target audience about this live streaming session so that they’ll be able to join the stream. Moreover, you can devote a part of the stream to answering the questions of your viewers. That is a great opportunity to obtain their feedback live.

Organize live training session

If you are an excellent expert in your field and a good speaker, do not hesitate and plan a training session for your target audience. People that follow you and usually join your live streaming sessions will be thrilled about learning something new from you. By means of such training sessions, you’ll not only prove your level of expertise but also engage your viewers into live interaction. Unlike webinars, live streaming of training sessions enables you to involve the audience into the streaming and to answer their questions in real time. Besides, you have several options on how to organize these sessions. You can provide a set of instructions and explain every stage of a particular process or talk about a specific subject from your field of expertise. Moreover, you can conduct such trainings on regular basis, which will make your viewers look forward to the next session.

Video on Demand



Video on demand is an opposite service to live video streaming, which enables users to watch the videos from any Internet-connected devices at any suitable time.Video on demand is mainly used for providing tutorials, educative and entertaining content. However, with video on demand, it is not possible to make live chat, Q&A section, survey or poll. Due to the lack of real time experience VOD won’t make your audience feel as a part of the event when it happens. In spite of these factors, there are lots of viewers who, due to their hectic lifestyles, prefer watching videos at their convenience. Besides, video on demand is also a great choice for the content that includes statistics and numbers, which is hard for comprehension if broadcasted live. Therefore, while implementing video streaming technology into your business you should consider VOD as well.

Video on demand is suitable for the cases when live broadcasting is not mandatory and the content can tolerate delays in publishing. There is a variety of other advantages provided by this technology, which you can use for the benefit of your business. By means of VOD, you have plenty of time for recording, preview, and editing your video. It allows you to improve your video as much as possible and even enhance it with different effects. In comparison with live video streaming, video on demand is easier to implement, as you will need only a camera in order to record your video. Moreover, this technology always offers better video quality for its users.

Considering all peculiarities of the video streaming technologies, many entrepreneurs successfully combine them. All in all, regardless of which approach you’ve chosen or in what combination you use them, make sure that you know your audience good enough and provide them with relevant video content. If you are keen on spreading the word about your business – video streaming technology is a great option to do it. Want to engage the audience with unique video streaming experience? Let the best team of video streaming developers help you with this.

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