Letzgro’s Cooperation with Lviv Business School

Letzgro recently ran a series of cooperative activities and experiments together with Lviv Business School to obtain valuable knowledge and an audit of our management and business practices in order to further improve our ongoing quality of project delivery and client satisfaction.

The report

The outcome of this partnership was presented at Lviv Business School in a presentation case consulting report.
Here are some of their findings:

There are various stages of companies’ lifespan according to the so-called Adizes Corporate Lifecycle. So, to better understand ways to improve our processes it was determined that our company is at the stage of its steepest growth at the moment. Which involves also all the accompanying benefits and quirks.


We were offered an approach to be more action-oriented and result-driven. And suggestions on how to better establish our services on the market. Advice was also given for developing overall
corporate culture and functional strategy as well as company goals.


Our Holacracy-inspired, Flat, decentralized organizational style sparked a discussion later on as we find it works really well for us and is already providing its first real benefits. Such as newly discovered team leaders and better interpersonal communication.

Further strategy

Tips for better Strategic planning and refining our unique value proposition to our clients were also discussed.
A strategy map was panned out, suggesting to focus on developing technical and interpersonal competencies, which in turn, will improve the quality and services for customers.

The current state of HR and a plan for better Human Resource Management within the company was established in order to grow human potential and improve existing resources by training them.

This presentation event was attended by Letzgro CEO Ihor Pidruchny, who also offered comments and discussed the outcomes with the presenters.

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