Letzgro Weekly: From svn to git, New yiiframework Based Project for Canadian Agency, Plugin for WordPress, New Python+Django Based Project (US West Coast Agency)

Letzgro weekly:

GIT. While we are getting all benefits from JIRA’s FishEye + SVN, which enables us to link svn commits to JIRA issues and make code review, we’ve decided to move more of our projects to git, primarily based on GitHub. This should enable us to get benefits of easy branching and merging, which is necessary for mlmster projects, which is being developed by a few different teams.


New YIIFramework Based Project. Letzgro has started a project for the Canadian agency. The project is a prototype of classifieds for health organizations. Visual design was passed by an agency to Letzgro, we’ve sliced HTML from PSD and have started to integrate it into a framework.

JIRA+SVN are used for project planning, tracking, communication and code transfer.

Developing Plugin for WordPress. We are starting to implement a WordPress plugin which is an extension to GravityForms.

Python+django+Postgresql Project. Letzgro has just started another project on python. This one is connected to health. Anything additional which contains a lot of details is covered with DNA. Project duration is around 2 months.

Basecamp is to be used for task tracking with Client, JIRA is to be used internally for precise decomposition and structuring communication on every detail.

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