Letzgro Scales out Its Engineering Incubator to Release 10 Startups in 2014

In November 2013, Letzgro, a web and mobile development and consulting company plans to scale the in-house engineering incubator which the company launched earlier this year. The goal is to nurture entrepreneurship as part of corporate culture and establish the right balance of services for clients and own products.

Incubator is the natural step in our corporate development. Clients value entrepreneurial spirit. In some cases, clients will step into the cash+equity deals. Being strong on technical side of things, we are constantly screening business execution teams and individuals who are able to turn technology into a growing business, and arrange joint venture with them

Roman Gusak, Letzgro’s Project Manager, is assigned as the manager of the incubator. He is responsible for brainstorming sessions and initial validation of ideas, arrangement of teams and building the investments relations.


“Our developers constantly have their own ideas, they learn startup approaches such as lean startups, customer development methodology. Innovative products is our priority, both for internal projects and clients’ ones”

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