Letzgro Represented in New York City by Medina Inc

Letzgro is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Medina Inc., a New York City based agency, which was agreed on December 20, 2012.
Michael Caravaglia, Co-founder, and COO , will represent Letzgro in NYC and will run sales, client relations, and oversee project management functions. Medina is available to do prototyping and visual design functions – which enables a smooth translation of project requirements and understanding between the client and Letzgro.


Below is a brief outline for working with Letzgro through Medina

  1. You submit your request for proposal either to Letzgro or Medina.
  2. We review your proposal, and will contact you if clarification is needed.
  3. Upon request, Michael Caravaglia is available to meet in person upon request to discuss any project; prior to or throughout the project
  4. A Scope of Work document and an estimate of costs is sent to the client.
  5. Medina will be the day-to-day contact throughout the project and act as the liaison between client and Letzgro

Here is how you contact Medina to start working with Letzgro:

medina {brand} media
4 Lexington Ave. Suite 4LM
New York, NY 10010
email: michael.caravaglia@lezgro.com
phone: 212-677-2623
Mobile: 917-697-5029

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