Letzgro Opening Office in Portugal

Ukrainian IT Company Letzgro is opening a new office in Portugal in order to create better conditions for employees and attract new senior level candidates from the market and other companies. It was announced by company’s CEO Ihor Pidruchny, who is now in Lisbon at the Lisbon Challenge, acceleration program by beta-i-incubator. This step will help us to improve our already-existing professional skills and gain new ones. In addition, it will permit to expand Letzgro’s products and projects on the Western European market, as it was already done in Canada and US. Relying on that fact that Ukraine is famous for its highly-developed IT outsourcing market, this collaboration promises to be fruitful for both sides. Also setting up an office in the West Europe improves communication and simplifies legislative issues between us and our clients. Portugal is a convenient place for Ukrainian IT products, which are known for their high quality and affordable prices.


About Letzgro:

Letzgro is Ukrainian IT company that was launched in 2003 by its CEO Ihor Pidruchny. Since then, Letzgro has grown greatly by expanding on markets in Canada and US. Constant growth is the main goal for the company, so now Letzgro is expecting to enter the European IT market, to discover its possibilities and take new challenges.

About Portugal:

Portugal is taking 31st place among 189 economies in Doing Business rating and considered as a country with auspicious climate for setting up a business. Also, its location in South-Western Europe makes Portugal quite easy-connected as with European countries as with countries of North America.

About Ukraine:

Ukraine is the East European country which has a developed IT outsourcing market. Over the last eight years, the volume of software development and IT outsourcing services Ukraine has provided growth by a factor ten according to the “Exploring Ukraine. IT Outsourcing Industry”. Compared to other CEE countries, Ukraine shows the highest rate of market growth.

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