Letzgro Hour of Code

A social project aimed at future generations

At Letzgro, we value education, especially at its early stage.

It is with optimism that we took part in the Hour of Code initiative by Code.org – an event promoting the IT profession among young kids by bringing them on tour in leading IT company offices. This is done in order to showcase and demystify the nuances of developers’ work.

Presenting at the event in our Ivano-Frankivsk office was Roman Tsivka in front of a total of 38 5th grade children from two local middle schools. Our goal was to show the inside workings of our company, the flow, and scope of the work we are doing. We also shared information about why the Ukraine is considered one of the top IT destinations in the world and what steps must one undertake in order to be accomplished in this field with the intention to perhaps inspire the kids to become successful in their own endeavors.

We sincerely hope this gig will contribute to the development of our community and are glad to have joined such a positive teaching initiative.

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