Letzgro Shared Experience at IT Rally Conference

Letzgro sponsored and participated in a conference IT Rally on 17th of May for members of local IT community. The event which was held in Ivano-Frankivsk dedicated to promoting IT industry to the students and newcomers and included training from IT-experts, presentations of the last updates in this field and sharing experience among members of IT community.
During the event, the biggest IT companies of Ivano-Frankivsk and guests from Lviv and Kharkiv were presented. Letzgro took a part as a conference’s sponsor and one of 16 speakers who were presenting their companies, services and shared practical knowledge with the audience. Our senior developer Ruslan Tabachuk was a speaker and he covered the topic “Management and development. Control quality and increasing efficiency with maximal transparency”.
Also, participants were welcomed to fill a profile and become potential employees of our company, what helped us to discover and develop prospective and ambitious newcomers. Besides the official part, all participants had the opportunity to communicate, share experience, and meet a possible employer or employee in an informal atmosphere during coffee breaks. The event was concluded with a number of valuable prizes from Letzgro and other sponsors for the most active participants.
Organizing and supporting IT events is one of the core points for Letzgro because a strong IT community and new prospective members is a key to success for Ukrainian IT-industry in general and Letzgro in particular.
About Letzgro: Letzgro is Ukrainian IT Company that was launched in 2003 by young entrepreneur Ihor Pidruchny. Since then, it has grown greatly and expanded its products to the markets of North America and Europe. Letzgro is always working on improving the quality of products and quantity of satisfied clients.

About IT Rally: it is series of annual international events and conferences of IT community of Ivano-Frankivsk.

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