Letzgro CEO will Speak up During Meetup Event in Toronto


This Friday, on August 9, Letzgro CEO Ihor Pidruchny and Eric Rogness will discuss working with distributed teams.

When working with domestic or foreign development teams, in many respects, distributed teams do not have the same understanding as you of your business, culture, market and strategic offering.

In essence, distributed teams can be in a different world from you entirely, whether they are 3 blocks away, or on the other side of the world. The more you can get them into your head, the more successful you’ll be.

Join Eric Rogness and Ihor Pidruchny as they discuss working with distributed teams. Eric and Ihor have over two decades combined experience and will lead a discussion on how to get great results through communication, respect, involvement, and flexibility. The discussion will be of benefit to both technical and non-technical people. All interested in topic people are welcome to share own experiences!

You may find all the details following this link

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