Letzgro and CoffeeLab release new impressive Gmail application for iOS users

Letzgro together with CoffeeLab participated in the development of a new app for iOS users, the launch of which was announced in January 2015.

About the Product

This is Mailburn – a new email client for Gmail with advanced features, developed using progressive web technologies.
It aims to revolutionize and speed up the process of sending and receiving emails and is a truly innovative product which stands as a solid realization of a great concept.
Mobile phone in handMailburn shows your email correspondence as conversation chats instead of checking your boxes like Inbox, Sent etc. You also can get rid of “Show quoted text” or so-called “chains”. With this application, your emails will look like instant messages in popular messengers.
Moreover, you can see when the message was opened and read near the message itself.

LaptopMailburn is more compact, as it uses only one screen to show all the stuff that takes 3 pages with Google. It also has built-in email tracking which informs you in a convenient way you when your message has been received and opened by recipients.
This application will be useful for those who deal with Gmail but don’t like its standard interface. It is expected that this interface will allow the user to view mail in a more convenient format than Gmail.
To try this app you can apply to the waiting list by filling out the form on its official website.


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