Jell went to aDDDitive Meet Up

Jell at aDDDitive

The beginning of the last month saw a particularly fruitful event at the aDDDitive Meet UP dedicated to 3D printing where our team from Jell conducted a large-scale exercise in team-building.


As the official team-building partner, we invited attendees to determine their sociotypes and encouraged them to find people they’re most compatible with. Everyone who passed the test got given out a badge with their Jell type, as an ice-breaker, with attendees using their sociotype information to communicate with each other in a more Jellable way. The Jell team also formed test groups and got their feedback on the concept and ideas in real time. This part of the event was really productive and the participants provided a ton of really useful information.

The Breakdown

Here’s a chart of people’s Jell types from the meetup.

Sociotype Distribution


Experience for continuous growth

This experiment proved really fun and efficacious for the people involved from both sides. It also provided us with ample experience to continue development of the Jell project, as we now had another real-life application and proof of concept to keep chiseling out this amazing product that we’re so proud to be working on.

Find out if you Jell!

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