Is Web Summit Really Worth Attending?


Last week the attention of the tech world was drawn to the Web Summit, a big event in Dublin that claims to be the technology’s most global gathering. Letzgro’s advisor Ha Vo was able to attend the summit and share his experience and impression of the event with us.



So good news first. It’s definitely worth attending if you can afford it. This year the cheapest ticket was 1,195 €, also you’ll have to cash out for travelling and accommodation expenses. Such venues are perfect for networking and making new connections. With more than 30,000 attendees from over 100 countries, though it may be difficult . Thankfully, the organizers came up with a rather functional app that chooses the speakers, attendees and talks which fit you best and makes it easier to arrange meetings with the right people.


On the other hand, a big scale may turn out to be a downside. After coming back from Dublin our advisor Ha Vo pointed out that there were too many things happening at the same time. It’s especially frustrating when these are great things, and you feel sorry that you have to sacrifice one interesting event for another. Secondly, it’s very difficult for startups to fight their way through to their perfect investor as there are too many of them and the competition is really high. As a result, the fee startups pay, which is quite substantial, rarely pays off. If you have a limited budget, there are always other ways of getting noticed, and we know from our own experience that good ideas find their way to success anyway. Ha also mentioned that it’s too bad there weren’t more proper round-table sessions like on the Accelerator Summit that was held on Monday. Details also matter, for instance, the lunch for €20 was a rip-off, says Ha.


Still, it is important to have such big global events where people can meet and hopefully discuss how to bring value to this world and make it better. Also, as Ha noted, Dublin and its friendly people played the vital role in making a favourable overall impression of the Web Summit. Opinions differ and our experience of something is often influenced by many factors. You are welcome to contact us and share your own impression of the Web Summit.

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