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Text messaging is already a thing of the ancient past. If you are still using text messages in the era of “Smart” technologies, you are either too dedicated to this form of communication or are out of touch. You will hardly find an Android or iOS user, who does not use instant mobile messaging applications. Apps like Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram and WeChat make communication easier and cost-free. They allow users sending messages from their Android and iOS devices without paying for wireless service. In other words, instant messengers have put communication and information sharing to a completely new level.


The demand for instant messaging apps for Android and iPhone is surging relentlessly. Mobile programs for instant messaging (IM) can be found in abundance on both markets. For the moment, the number of mobile IM accounts has exceeded 1.5 billion.

Five Most Popular Mobile Instant Messaging Applications

With such a huge assortment of free IM services, choosing the one for your personal use can appear to be a pretty daunting task, as each has its specific features. Here are the five most popular applications for instant mobile messaging:


With over 600 million registered users and 396 active monthly users, WeChat takes the lead in our list of the most popular free instant messengers. This service is especially popular in China, however, it is quickly gaining recognition among users across the world. WeChat makes communication easier and most importantly, it is free. For millions of users around the world, it is not just a usual messenger, it is the main mean of everyday communication.


This is another popular instant messenger with a huge (350 million active and 500 million registered users) user community. WhatsApp enables users sending text messages, while not paying an SMS fee to the mobile carrier. All messages, including photos, audio, and video files, are sent via the Internet. Thus, WhatsApp works using your phone’s carrier data plan or WiFi. Being a cross-platform software, WhatsApp is compatible with all major operating systems.


This popular cross-platform instant messaging VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) software has over 300 million subscribers. Viber is very easy to install and use. Once the app is installed on your phone, it finds all the contacts in your phonebook having Viber accounts, which deprives you of the hassle of doing this on your own. You will be also notified about new Viber users. The app uses a paid mobile data plan of a phone carrier or WiFi and allows sending text messages, sharing photos and videos, as well as making free calls to other Viber users. With this service, you can also send group messages up to 15 contacts at a time. This free messenger can be also installed on your computer.


This is undoubtedly one of the hottest IM applications. The number of its users increases every single day. Just like other programs for instant messaging, the app allows sharing text messages, videos, and images with your contacts and other Telegram users. The main distinctive feature of this service is its high level of protection. All information shared via Telegram is encrypted, decentralized and stored in the cloud. Information stored in the cloud can then be accessed from any device. Moreover, there are no limits when it comes to storage space amount.


Line or Line Mobile Messaging is not just an instant messenger. It’s also a free voice calling application that has gaming and social networking features. In addition to basic functions, Line offers a nice collection of games that you can play with other Line users. This instant messaging service is also available as a desktop app and is compliant with all popular mobile platforms.

General Features of Mobile Instant Messaging Applications

As you have probably noticed, all IM applications are united by a single goal: enable users to make free voice calls, send messages, and share information for free. Otherwise speaking, instant messengers have certain similar features that distinguish them from other programs. Thus, a decent IM app allows:

  • sending text messages, including group messages
  • sharing photo, video and audio files
  • making audio and video calls
  • having private and group chats.

To attract more users, some messaging apps developers imbue their software with a few unique features that make their apps stand apart other similar programs. These unique features make some applications more popular than others. This can be shown by an example of Viber, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

Benefits of Using Viber

The main advantage of using Viber is its full compatibility with Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry operating systems. Viber offers the option of taking photos, signing them and sharing any images stored on your computer. Another advantage of using Viber is that it uses the contacts list stored on your phone, which makes the process of making and receiving calls easier and identical to usual calls. With a call log option, you will not miss a single call. Due to a huge collection of emoticons, communication with Viber is very funny, interesting and exciting.

Benefits of Using Telegram

Telegram is set apart from its main rivals by its highly secured transmission of messages. No other instant messenger can boast of having such high-level of messages protection. Another distinctive feature of Telegram is that it stores information in the cloud and allows accessing it from any device. Cloud storage space provided by this app is almost unlimited.

Benefits of Using Whatsapp

Whatsapp is very easy to use and install. It allows sending free messages to other users. With this app, you can share your images, videos, audio files, location, and status. It is free of screen adds which might be pretty annoying.

Major Protocols Used in Instant Messaging

Instant messaging mobile apps development complies with certain rules. Thus, development of native messaging apps for iPhone, Android, and other mobile platforms is impossible without the use of specific protocols. The two major and commonly accepted protocols used in text messaging apps development are Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).

Messaging applications developers use both protocols, and never stop arguing about the pros and cons of using SIP and XMPP. For now, none of them seems to be finding their way into the lead. XMPP is supported by Google, Yahoo, Apple and Jabber, while SIP is widely used by IBM, Microsoft, Nortel, Cisco and Avaya. At the same time, lots of vendors support the standards of both protocols. So, the choice of IM protocol is based on the personal preferences and needs of every developer.

Competitive Edges of Viber & Telegram

Viber and Telegram are two of the most popular instant messaging applications. Though the main aim of both services is to provide their users with free chatting and information sharing options, they make an emphasis on different features.

Viber users choose this service for a huge collection of emoticons and chat customization options that help them give a better expression of emotions and thus make communication more exciting and emotive.

Telegram is more concerned about the security of its users. This highly secure service encrypts all the information you share, decentralizes it and stores in the cloud for a future use. This is a number one choice for anyone who is concerned about his/her security.

Mobile Application Development With Letzgro

Letzgro offers a wide range of web and mobile application software development services, including text messaging mobile applications development. To meet specific requirements of every customer, we use all popular technologies, design approaches, programming languages, and platforms. Our team of developers is not afraid to bend the rules, diverge from norms and use innovative approaches.

Customer satisfaction is one of our major priorities, so we guarantee the development of high-end software solutions, 100% compliance with your requirements, quick product development, and timely delivery. When cooperating with Letzgro, you never risk your money, time, and reputation. Instead, you get a reliable partner, ready to work on your project from a scratch and develop a perfect software solution, created with special care and attention to the requirements of your business.

We have hundreds of grateful customers using our custom software solutions. To get a more detailed information about mobile applications we create, check our portfolio. Letzgro team is always ready to work on your interesting projects.

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