Why People Don’t Care About the Importance of Artificial Intelligence

When some people tell you about the artificial intelligence progress, you are just ok with that. When everyone around is talking about the importance of artificial intelligence, you become interested in how you can benefit from its development. But when you read that robots are going to take over your job, you get worried. You are eager to find out more about the importance of artificial intelligence and whether you will still have a job when robots are around.

What Will the Future With Robots Look Like?

Do you think that machines put a threat to humanity? If yes, you are among this 60% of people who think the same way. Moreover, even the greatest minds working in AI and technology-related spheres are talking about this. Still, they don’t doubt the importance of AI.

Stephen Hawking states that in the recent 1,000-10,000 years, a humanity is threatened by a technological disaster. Elon Musk calls AI one of the most threats to humankind survival. Bill Gates also states that AI may create big problems: the elimination of many existing jobs, the extent of control people have over machines. Researchers, entrepreneurs, scientists, developers, and people of other professions say that artificial intelligence may decrease the number of jobs and have a certain effect on the whole world. Let’s have a closer look at this situation.

This is why people doubt the importance of artificial intelligence.

What Jobs Can Machines Take Over?

Imagine that you are on a bus with a robot bus driver at the wheel. Imagine yourself being a passenger in a plane with a robotic pilot. Think about the situation when your friend is being operated by a robotic surgeon. I agree, these situations seem to be a bit scary. It’s difficult to trust something that is programmed. You never know how it would behave if there were a mistake in the system.

According to the survey conveyed by YouGov in collaboration with the British Science Association, half of the respondents felt the same way you did while reading the paragraph above – they didn’t want to deal with robotic surgeons, drivers, etc. However, people stated that they would be happy if a machine could help do the cooking, cleaning, and other work around the house. 70% of the surveyed have also stated that they find it ok for machines to monitor crops. The importance of AI isn’t doubted, but the control over robots.

This is why people doubt the importance of artificial intelligence.

You can notice that many jobs may be taken over by artificial intelligence. AI can perform certain tasks better and quicker than humans. Machines don’t get tired or stressed. Robots don’t take vacations or sick leaves. They don’t have breaks.

Moreover, the importance of artificial intelligence and its value may be illustrated by a fact that these machines don’t make serious mistakes because of being inattentive, tired, or angry. AI function as programmed, carrying out certain tasks and learning from its own experience. Taking into account the rate of AI development, we may predict that in 10-20 years AI will have stolen many jobs.

But should this fact be considered to be a theft? Why shouldn’t people regard this as a stimulus for development and an evidence of the learning importance? Many innovative things are scary. People were afraid of the radiation from cell phones. Not everyone was eager to start surfing the Internet. Humans can find disadvantages in everything. However, one should understand that the economy and the world are constantly changing.

How to Take Advantage of AI Development?

Moshe Vardi, a computer science professor, states that in the next 30 years robots will replace many human workers. That’s why the society should think about what people will do when half of the jobs are taken over by robots. They should value the importance of AI and their own skills.

When AI technologies eliminate many middle-class jobs, people should think about what they value more: the importance of artificial intelligence development and its effects on our life or the physical need to work. As Moshe Vardi states, humanlike robots workforce may change the life drastically, providing people with a lot of free time they can spend on leisure activities. However, do people really need that? Isn’t work essential to our well-being?

This is why people doubt the importance of artificial intelligence.

The best way to stop doubting the importance of artificial intelligence is to stop exaggerating. First of all, things are changing quickly, but people are easily getting used to it. We adjust to everything. There are already many AI in our life. However, not everyone can feel the importance of artificial intelligence in our life. People treat robots, chatbots, and other machines as something ordinary. That means that when drastic changes will finally happen, we will be ready for that. You’ll be reconciled to a fact that AI may take over some jobs. Still, you will know that beside the importance of artificial intelligence, there are many additional factors that influence the way you perceive AI usage.

Secondly, being prepared, you’ll have a lot of time for self-development, studying, and achieving new skills. Clever people study during the whole life. That’s why they become successful. The same concerns you. Choose a new skill and master it. If you’re interested, here is a list of most needed skills for 2020:

  • critical thinking
  • people management
  • solving complex problems
  • coordinating with other people
  • creativity
  • emotional intelligence
  • cognitive flexibility
  • service orientation
  • decision making
  • negotiation

This is why people doubt the importance of artificial intelligence.

The robot science may still fascinate us with examples of the importance of artificial intelligence and its usage in life. However, advanced technologies aren’t everything needed. It’s difficult to create an intelligent robot that will make decisions, analyze situations, learn from its own experience, and be creative. However, these features describe humans. You can do all of that! That’s why you won’t get lost in future. Will AI take over jobs? This is one of the most common and important questions about artificial intelligence. Now you know how to answer it.

The significance of artificial intelligence is obvious, as well as the reasons to read this blog more often. If you are looking for more examples of successful AI usage, awesome applications for your business, great stories about chatbots, just stay tuned! We’ll provide you with everything needed. You can write to us. We’ll highly appreciate that.

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