How to Tackle Frequent Live Video Streaming Challenges

Many businesses from different industries have already taken advantage of live video streaming and keep obtaining positive results. Building brand recognition, engaging the worldwide audience, increasing website traffic, generating more qualified leads, establishing live interaction with viewers and many other goals can be achieved by means of this cutting-edge technology. Just have a look at the diversity of applications for video streaming – it seems that they are altogether capable of satisfying the needs of the most fastidious user. They vary from typical applications for webcasting and video conferencing, TV broadcasting services to the tools for streaming in social media. Besides, nowadays you can easily set up live video streaming if you have a computer or any other device with high-speed Internet connection, a video recording device, an encoder and a streaming server. The only thing which might restrain you from using video streaming technology in real time is common challenges that you might face while working with it. Although, we’ve already taken care of this and made a list with the most typical issues and the ways of tackling them.

Many challenges with live video streaming can be avoided if you provide your stream via secure server or have total control over the process by means of your own streaming server. Besides, a good idea is to use CDN, which will ensure the high quality of users’ experience and delivery of video content.

Bandwidth issues

Stable Internet connection speed is a key to successful live video streaming process. However, having experience of working online, you know for sure that you won’t avoid interruptions here. Considering that wireless connections tend to tolerate Internet connection drops more often, you cannot do without DSL or cable connection in order to succeed with live video streaming. Especially, it refers to 24/7 streaming. Besides, it’s better to have a backup connection set up, in case your main connection falls. Make sure that it works properly and your computer can automatically connect to it. As a rule, lots of operating systems enable the automatic switching, so that your stream will have a pause in it, but it will be barely noticeable.  As an alternative source of Internet access, you may choose mobile Internet or wireless connection.

Unstable streaming flow


The main goal in live video streaming is to provide uninterrupted flow of data, regardless of network conditions. Apart from interruptions of the Internet connection, there are many other reasons which cause unstable stream. They include cameras, software and hardware breakdowns. Obviously, you can deal with some of these pain points while troubleshooting and rebooting, but this will result in minor interruptions of your streaming flow. A great idea will be to get a backup for every key component of your streaming solution. Through such redundancy, you’ll avoid rapid drops of the streaming flow caused by breakdowns and reduce the period of shutdown. Besides, many issues with streaming flow can be prevented while using adaptive bitrate streaming solutions and the workflows which enable quick reconnect. As for adaptive bitrate techniques, you may choose among MPEG-DASH, HLS, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming and many others. They adjust video quality and size due to the available bandwidth.

Issues with live video encoding

If you are interested in providing live video streaming, you cannot do without an encoder. While choosing a live video streaming encoder your main concern probably will be whether it’s compatible with your video producing device. To be on the safe side, make sure it works properly with the most popular devices: smartphones, tablets, professional cameras, and even GoPro. It should prevent the most common issues with encoding video streaming content.

Playback challenge

One more challenge which you’ll have to face is delivering the best user experience for the viewers regardless what devices they watch the stream on. For this purpose, you’ll need to ensure multiplatform playback. Just play your stream on different devices and platforms. Check if your video streaming software allows sharing several streams and supports both landscape and portrait video. It will enable global audience to join your stream from any devices.

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