How to hire a programmer for a long-term or short-term project?

About 100 websites for the recruitment of professionals, a few hours a day for searches, 20-30 interviews, including technical ones to hire a programmer on the project – this is how the reality of a recruiter who was entrusted to find IT-specialist looks like today. The numbers scare you? It gets even more interesting after closing the vacancy: it usually takes 6-12 months at the company to recognize an error in the choice of the programmer, and such an error typically costs about $ 100,000.

This is why many HRs wonder how to hire a programmer which would fit the technical requirements, be motivated, and evolve together with the company. Below we give a few tips on where and how to find coders for hire.

Where to look for


The first thing to remember is that most of the sites-aggregators of vacancies and CVs are mostly useless. If you publish your vacancy on any major website, you will receive a large flow of resumes, but only 1-2% of them will be really worthwhile. As a result, your HR Department will have to spend a few days on the analysis of CVs, and you can`t be sure that among them you will find something worthwhile.

So if you are wondering where to find programmers for hire, please note these opportunities:

  • Specialized forums
  • Facebook groups
  • Personal contacts (networking)

Wondering where to hire programmers, do not forget about your surroundings. Personal experience is the tool of the greatest importance for any recruiter.

How to look for

First, you need to decide why you need a programmer for hire, e.g. what kind of product you are developing, what is the business model of your company, and what tasks the programmer must solve.

After that, you need to make a list of requirements that will be applied to the candidate for the position. A big mistake of many companies looking for programmers is that they do not know their needs. If you write: “Looking for the PHP developer”, it does not give complete information about what needs to be done, what the programmer will really do in working hours.

For specific working conditions you should tell the applicant the specific wages. In other words, the programmer needs to understand how much salary he will receive, and for what kind of work.

Having selected a number of suitable candidates, call them for an interview. For programmers the interview is usually conducted in two stages: at first, the HR manager communicates with the applicant about past work experience, about expectations, about accordance between the expectations of the company and the specialist. If at the initial stage the programmer seems to be a suitable candidate, the next step is a test job or an interview with a technical specialist. At this stage, you can more or less determine how the applicant meets the skills indicated in the CV.

Looking for the developer for startup

Startups are a separate category of companies and searching professionals in startups is also a bit different. In a startup there is no certainty in the future, you can’t promise the programmer stable wages, and even workplace in a few months. In startups primarily motivated people are needed. If you need free programmers for hire in startup companies, try to find not “the star in programming”, but a talented beginner programmer. He will grow with you, and at first, he will not request high wages. In addition, young, aspiring professionals are more emotionally connected with the company, more willing to share its values.

Using the recommendations above, you can find the perfect programmer in your company for the project or full-time work. However, even a complicated interview and very complicated test tasks can’t avoid mistakes in recruitment. If you don’t want to sort through hundreds of resumes, we offer you the outsourcing services in programming. Just go to the contact page, communicate with managers of the company Letzgro, and we will satisfy your needs in web development.

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