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Our Web Developer, Ivan Vovchak, has been working on several bizarre projects for a while now. He brought relevant ideas to the team that further became final solutions in our latest project, called Jell. The one solution, in particular, is a cross-browser optimization plugin set – Crossrider. Those are the small units that enhance the extensions by adding new functionalities. ivanvovchakAs every browser has its own extension, developers have to spend time archiving files manually, loading the actual plugins, just like in case with Google Chrome. Now, this new framework does all routine work in a systematic way. It generates files, compiles them, and gives you the link for downloading and adding the extension to your browser in no time.

Crossrider is a framework that generates plugins for all the popular browsers. It has its unified API with lots of features for extension development. It simplifies common stages of web development and adds new functionality to the feature. We currently optimized our Jell extension for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail and it came out just the way we want it.

Example of Well-Optimized Browser Extension in Our Recent Project


We have been working on a tool that helps to build a workable team and create the most effective relationships among its members, it’s called Jell. This technology, which is based on principles of socionics science helps to determine person’s sociotype profile and structure of  their psyche.
How does the Jell extension work? Well, the main idea is to help people to know themselves better and to enhance their jellability with others. After passing the test on Jell website, it will appear on your page as a separate section, where your socio-connection with others is shown. The browser extension checks if the user is on Facebook, Gmail, or any other network, sends the information to the website and returns your current picture of jellability in the section. Based on individual characteristics and compatibility between sociotypes, it helps people to connect and get to know each other better.

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