How Significant is Yii Framework 2.0 and Why We Consider it as a Huge Step

Widely Known Powerful MVC Framework is Stepping Up!

Yii Framework 2.0 is one of the most relevant PHP Frameworks designed for professional Web development today. This is a brand new framework, and it’s a generally rewritten previous version of Yii. This project is still in Beta state, and should be ready for release anytime soon. Yes, it was already in the middle of 2014 – that’s when it was promised to be released, but it still officially not ready for production use yet. But it’s not even a case, as it is already huge, and will remain huge for many years ahead. Our Development Team have been following up this puppy for a good amount of time and already having the experience working with Yii Version 2.0 on certain projects. We crave the new solutions on PHP code, and are working fruitfully with the first Yii version, and Yii 2.0 is definitely the main focus for our Team. It literally made quite a splash in our minds, as in development experience, and so in performance.

Letzgro Development Team is ready for the projects on Yii 2.0. We also upgrade the applications on the first Yii Framework, as the second version is a complete structure overwrite. The transition itself is not that hard or long in terms of time. It is not backward-compatible with Yii 1, and maybe for some developers it will be a negative aspect, but we highly recommend working with the new version, due to a lot of major needed changes in overall structure.

So what is exactly improved there? What is that buzz all about?

  • Structure

Better framework and extensions directory structure. No PEAR-style class naming.

  • Usability

Support from new various IDEs, proper naming for actions.

  • Performance

You use fewer resources for starting sessions unnecessarily, you start a session when it actually used.

  • Security

Use of CSRF tokens that prevent several exploits.

  • RESTful API development feature

This long awaited feature has many aspects for coding process.

  • Testing

Codeception testing framework integration that allows testing applications as a whole simulating user.

  • Database and Active Record

ActiveRecord implementations for elasticsearch, redis and Sphinx search already, plus support for the mongodb document storage.

  • Support for Sub-queries

You may build a sub-query as a normal Query object.

  • Advanced Ajax Support

It’s got a generic widget that can enable ajax support for anything it encloses.

Wait for the Official Release, and Strongly Use!

The official release is almost here. You may definitely prepare yourself now dive in now for being ready to work with these astonishing features as our Team does now. For now, there is a code repository open, Yii 2 official issue tracker and general discussions forum for any type of questions and regards. With a great community and almost completed big documentation on Yii Framework 2.0, we suggest you to go ahead and see it yourself. You will clearly understand why we’re all abuzz over it. On our side, we promise an excellent development process, as such important upgrades assure us in productivity and success of almost any project.

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