[Quiz] Google Chatbot Can Answer Questions We Can’t

Do you enjoy watching movies featuring AI? Ex Machina, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, A Space Odyssey, Interstellar, I,Robot, Star Wars, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and other movies of that type gain tremendous popularity. There are many reasons for that including fascinating scenarios, awesome cast of characters, and talented directors. Besides, all these movies show us how it would be like to live in the era of AI. Watching human-looking robots and exaggerated events, we don’t even understand that we already live in the world that has Siri, Google Chatbot, and IBM Watson.

What’s the Coolest Feature of Google Chatbot?

My favorite sci-fi movie is “Her”. It’s a rom-com that describes relationships of a writer and Samantha, a hyper-intelligent computer operating system. Samantha is the system that can learn fast, analyze, and make conclusions. It sounds to be unbelievable though there are already some companies making AI that can reach the same capabilities. Let’s start with the Google chatbot.

Can you believe that Google Chatbot can answer all your questions?

You may just type “talk to google bot script” and you’ll get hundreds of short dialogues between a human and a machine. Let me save your time. Here is one of the most impressive one. According to the Wired, this chatbot can easily carry on such conversations:

This is a type of conversation Google Chatbot can carry out.

It impresses me that a machine can talk about the purpose of existence, dying, and being intelligent. It doesn’t just talk. It provides logical and philosophical arguments. You may think why does this article start with so much information about movies. Here is the connection. Google AI chatbot learned how to talk using the old movie dialogues. Google researchers didn’t code the bot how to communicate. They just used a machine learning approach. Analyzing a database of conversations, the machine learned how to respond by itself.

Of course, everything is not as good as it seems to be. The machine can answer difficult philosophical questions about the meaning of life and morality. However, it still may find it difficult to solve some math equations. Just look at this example.

Is Google Chatbot as clever as you think?

Google Chatbot vs Facebook Messenger: What’s More Effective?

Facebook has Messenger, a chat app for communicating with different people. This is the place where you chat, send funny GIFs, share photos and videos, etc. It also allows to call everyone or even make a video call. Hangouts service has similar features. It also allows communicating via messages, calls, and group video calls. Companies highly appreciate such possibilities. So here we have: Google – Facebook, the score is 1:1.

Microsoft doesn’t fall behind either. You must remember the much-talked-of Twitter chatbot Tay that became racist and sexist in 16 hours after its release. This bot was coded to mimic the conversations of a teen and interact with people in real time. As there are so many offensive users on the Internet, it’s not even weird why Tay started tweeting bad things. Having “repeat after me” capabilities, this AI chatbot was mimicking the behavior of some users. Tay was taken offline and its Twitter was made private Once the bot is made safe, Microsoft may re-release it. Are you already waiting?

Here are some things you should know about Google Chatbot.

What’s the Future of Chatbot Battle?

Will you agree if I say that messaging apps are everything we need? Let’s analyze the amount of time we usually spend on the Internet. According to the statistics of 2013, men spend 29 hours 32 minutes on mobile apps and 3 hours 35 minutes on the mobile web. Women – 23 hours 39 minutes and 3 hours 45 minutes accordingly. Though things have changed since 2013, the tendency remains the same. People spend 90% of their time in apps. Thus, it’s pretty obvious why such giants as Facebook, Google and Microsoft are shifting their attention to apps, to be more precise – messaging apps.

Here is how Google Chatbot may improve your life.

Apple has Messages. Microsoft has got Skype. Facebook is proud to develop WhatsApp and Messenger. Google wants to build one too. Allo, a new messaging app, has been announced at the annual I/O conference. The due date for Allo to arrive is summer 2016. Google wants to make it smarter that other messaging apps and add some AI features. For example, it’s predicted that when you talk to your relatives and friends, Allo will analyze this information and then suggest you some quick replies. Another cool feature is the ability to analyze photos people send you. Allo will save your time by offering possible replies, like “Cool”, “Awesome”, “Well done”, “Congrats”.

Google Chatbot will bring everything to a new level.

The most interesting feature Google offers is the possibility to use search engines when chatting. When congratulating someone on their birthday, you’ll be able to ask Google AI bot to add a festive photo. When planning a dinner with your family, you may ask the bot to search for restaurants and make a reservation. Similar to chatbots that allow people carry out different tasks while simply chatting, Allo should allow using different online information and even services.

Google Chatbot, Allo, Google Home... What's next?

This Allo bot is also called Google search assistant. Sundar Pichai, Google SEO, states that this service may extend across all devices. It will help you from a phone, car, dwelling, etc. In the near future, talking to Google bot you’ll manage different devices around your home. Control your TV, smoke detector, a car, and everything else just by using Google Home. It sounds a bit sci-fi. However, if we analyze the existing trends to use chatbots for using almost all types of online services and the existence of Siri and Cortana, the idea for Google to go further into AI technologies doesn’t seem to be so unbelievable.

Google Chatbot is the first step to help you control everything around your house.

In order to make this article even more useful for you, I’ve decided to add a small tip about chatbots use. When communicating with foreign people in Google Chat, you may easily translate what the person you talk to is saying. Just send you message to [from language]2[tolanguage@bot.talk.google.com, and you’ll get the translation. For example, if you need German and English, send your message to de2en@bot.talk.google.com.

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