Facebook Application Development: Why And How

Facebook Application Development

Technological development is at its height. In 2004, another social media tool has been developed. This social media tool was founded to facilitate the exchange of information across countries for several reasons. These reasons are to inform people of recent societal developments, to view peoples’ opinions, and to cause societal interaction in a massive manner. This social media we are referring to is the ever popular Facebook.

The Need For Facebook Application Development

Millions of people all over the world now have accounts on Facebook and they use this social media platform on a daily basis. What makes people get hooked to Facebook is the so-called Facebook apps or Facebook application. These applications were formed through Facebook application development. Facebook application development is needed so that customers will be able to interact with a more unique and consistent social media environment.


Facebook application development is also pursued in order to generate traffic. This is helpful for purposes of social media marketing. Facebook application development is also a matter of business. In here, high profile companies coordinate with social media for advertisement. Hence, we can safely say that Facebook application development is done not just for the benefit of the social media. Alongside Facebook development is the aim of making attractive and catchy advertisements. Thus, it can be said that Facebook application development is a collaboration of both the social media and brand or product owners.

Facebook application development involves a wide range of Facebook applications. For now, there are varying Facebook music applications, Facebook dating applications, Facebook horoscope applications, Facebook games applications, Facebook Utility applications, and much more. Some recent products of Facebook application development are discussed below.

Best Facebook Application Development Examples

Facebook has millions of fans around the globe. It won’t take too much to pay back their participation. For this purposes, Booshaka was established. Booshaka is an application which resulted from Facebook application development. This application highlights fans’ participation on another’s Facebook page. More points will be awarded to fans that make posts on your wall, or comment on and like your posts.

Another product of Facebook application development is the Birthday Calendar. With the Birthday Calendar, you can keep track of your friends’ and fans’ birthdays. You will be allowed to post greetings on the birthday celebrant’s wall.

Post Planner is another Facebook application which allows you to schedule posts or notes for your Facebook account. This can be utilized through other scheduling support tools like TweetDeck, SocialOomph, or HootSuite. Post Planner also comes with a white label version. This version will enable you to customize your application name.

Another product of Facebook application development is Where I’ve Been. Where I’ve been is an application that allows you to see the different parts of the world online. With this app, you will get to see world maps, and spin to different states and cities that you like.

Finally, there is this Facebook application called Scribd for Pages. Scribd for Pages is an application which allows easy uploading and sharing of files. These kinds of files, which can be shared through this app, include PDF, XLS, PPT, DOC, and JPG formats. This is a document sharing device where people can share files within the Facebook community. The document or files shared can also be conveniently viewed and downloaded.

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