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In the era of “smart” devices and technologies gaining knowledge has become a lot easier. Modern mobile devices can easily substitute numerous books, educational videos and tutorials. All you need to turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful learning tool is to download a few educational applications. Education mobile apps development has changed learning and teaching methods entirely and permanently.


Education applications are quickly storming into the learning process, making it more interesting, easy and exciting. These types of applications are available in abundance on both markets and is compatible with a variety of mobile devices. By arming your device with a few educational apps, you will turn it into a powerful learning tool with which you can receive knowledge whenever and wherever you want.

Types of Mobile Education Applications

The education apps development market is growing at an enormous pace. It is presented by a wide variety of software solutions compatible with multiple gadgets and mobile platforms. There are apps for students, wishing to make studying easier, for people, aspiring to study at the comfort of their home or getting a deeper knowledge of a specific bailiwick, for teachers, looking for innovative teaching methods, for kids and parents wishing to help their young learners. Otherwise speaking, there are mobile educational programs for people of different ages, with different hobbies, interests, and educational goals.

Currently, mobile apps for education are divided into two major groups, those that are developed for a personal use and those that are used by a particular group of people, like for example, teachers and students. The latter is widely used in many educational establishments, including high schools. The use of such programs is proven to be very effective, as it allows engaging more students in the classroom activity. Many teachers claim that teaching methods that involve the use of mobile devices help motivate students to work better and harder. This is not surprising, as present-day youths are obsessed with mobile devices, so why not steer this obsession into the right direction?

One of the best things about educational mobile applications is their ability to substitute books. Though traditional books will never lose their value and importance, there are situations when having a smartphone or a tablet, crammed with the information you need, is a lot more beneficial than schlepping heavy books around.

Education application development is immediately interconnected with the use cloud-based technology. Thus, most applications can be synchronized on multiple devices, which enables users to be able to look through their projects, home assignments or study materials on various devices and anywhere in the world.

Online and distance education has also undergone a number of positive changes with the rise of education apps development. There are lots of programs that make distance learning easier and more efficient. Moreover, they make this type of education available for a greater number of students all across the world.

Millions of people are passionate about mobile education applications, as they enable users not just learn, but also share their knowledge and expertise via mobile devices. Long story short, these types of applications gives unique opportunities for anyone who has a thirst for knowledge or a strong desire to share their experience with other people.

Features of Mobile Education Applications

Education apps developers imbue their programs with various functions. Thus, each app has a unique set of functions that differentiates it from other similar programs. Even though different software solutions have different functions, there are a few universal ones that are compulsory for any education application.

When choosing an education application make sure it:

  • features a user-friendly UI and is easy to install
  • is compatible with multiple devices, so that you could use it on any device
  • features a reliable backups process
  • uses online cloud technology
  • provides live information and study materials
  • meets current curriculum
  • features quick customer support (this feature is especially important for a paid or premium version of an application).

It is quite clear that mobile development for education projects is a very creative process. Thus, apart from common functions, any educational program has its unique features that make it exceptional. For example, some apps offer social features, that allow users socialize, share their opinion, knowledge or experience.

Mobile Applications Development with Letzgro

Letzgro has been providing custom software development services since 2003. Therefore, we have a wealth of experience in developing diverse applications for various devices and platforms. The expertise of our education app developers covers multiple design approaches, devices, technologies, programming languages, and platforms.

Our devoted team of mobile application developers takes a great interest in app development for education projects. They are always ready to take up projects that require the use of more personal and creative approaches. All applications are developed in a tight cooperation with the ordering party, as only a mutual understanding allows achieving the desired result and meeting the expectations of each client. We put a special emphasis on our customers’ satisfaction and guarantee timely delivery of premium software solutions built in conformity with your requirements.

We understand that development technologies are constantly changing, this is why the Letzgro team never stops learning. A strong desire to provide our clients with only the best services and solutions, as well as remain up-to-date with evolving technology, motivates us to constantly improve our skills. Letzgro is always glad to welcome new people, as their inspiration and innovative ideas make a valuable contribution to our repertoire of development methods and techniques, which in turn, allows us providing such a huge variety of software development services.

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