Creating Artificial Intelligence Is Easy, Isn’t It?

How to create your own AI? How many people have this question in their heads? Let’s start with one of the most influential people on the planet Earth – Mark Zuckerberg. At the beginning of 2016, Mark shared his plans for this year. His personal challenge for 2016 is to build a simple AI. How possible is it? Is creating artificial intelligence difficult? Let’s find out together.

If you question how to make your own AI, start with defining its main functions. For example, Zuckerberg wants his AI to control everything around the home, let friends inside, monitor the nursery, etc. Besides, Facebook’s CEO wants this artificial intelligence to help him with data visualization. Thus, this artificial intelligence should possess the following skills:

  1. Language recognition
  2. Voice and facial recognition
  3. Interaction with objects
  4. Communication with users

AI in real life

The artificial intelligence depicted above isn’t just about the smart home technology. It’s a virtual personal assistant that can help you with almost everything. Creating such simple AI is now interesting for different companies. Facebook is working on bringing chatbots into different spheres. Google is developing Allo, a virtual assistant that is also a messaging app.

Creating artificial intelligence can change the way people perceive your business.

IBM offers cognitive computing and machine learning services to big companies, SMEs, and start-ups. Apple is adding AI into the whole iOS 10 interface. All companies stake on artificial intelligence. Some scientists even claim that we should be afraid of artificial intelligence creating, as its development may become a threat to humanity. However, most researchers agree that this is the high time humans start using artificial intelligence in everyday life and business, of course.

There are 3 things you may want to do after reading this article.

  1. Try out existing AI and understand that you’ve been using them a lot already (Siri, Cortana, Google Now, Hi Poncho, Cleverbot, Watson Chef).
  2. Read tons of articles on how to build your own AI.
  3. Think about how to create your own AI that will boost your business.

What can you do with AI?

Let’s analyze each option. The first option is a relatively easy one. To tell the truth, AI isn’t just robots. Of course, you may try communicating with some robotic assistants like Connie from the Hilton hotel or Paro robot seal. However, you should also understand that software you use is also AI. Textio, Quill, and RocketFuel are examples of AI software that are used for improving one’s business.

Many shops are already creating shopping assistants: H&M, The North Face, The Stitch Fix, etc. That takes communication with clients to the next level, creating trust and improving brand reputation. The same concerns chatbots. With more than 900 million users, Messenger becomes an important platform for developing these virtual chatting assistants. This is a type of AI that is useful for every business. For example, if you’ve got a flower shop, building a robot or analyzing tons of data won’t help your business. However, creating a chatbot that communicates with clients, takes orders, and shares news will save you a lot of time and boost your business.

Creating artificial intelligence can change the way people perceive your business.

If you are interested in the second option of our list, check out other articles on Letzgro blog. We’ve got a lot of interesting information about chatbots and other artificial intelligence. And finally, if you are interested in the third option, you are in the right place. Make your own AI that will solve a bunch problems. Create artificial intelligence that will carry out many tasks. Chat with professionals who can tell you the most important facts about AI technology.

A detailed guide on creating AI

If you want to stay aware of what developers may offer, here is a short guide on things you need to know before building artificial intelligence. These are the most popular languages used for creating artificial intelligence: LISP, AIML, Python, Haskell, C++, MATLAB. Here is a short list of services to use for creating artificial intelligence:

  • Alexa Voice Service by Amazon for voice recognition development
  • IBM Watson services for using cognitive computing and machine learning
  • Project Oxford by Microsoft for facial and emotion recognition
  • Web Services by Amazon for machine learning
  • Azure cloud platforms for building analytics solutions

If you want to start from creating a virtual assistant, there are several platforms to use: Facebook, Slack, Telegram, Kik, Discord. For building a chatbot you may also use, api,ai, chatful, IBM Watson,,, etc. To get inspired, check out Slack’s Tacobot, Messenger’s Hi Poncho, or Rose, the product of the collaboration of UBS, The New York Times, and T Brand Studio. Or just have a look at the chatbot our developer has built for a tattoo artist. In the same way, we can boost your business.

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